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January 4, 2013

"Value Added"

I am sure you have heard the term. It began as a marketing term, but it is also frequently used as a quality of life term. I had a "live and learn" lesson in "value added" over the holidays. My wife, Cheryl, wanted to get our whole family away to the beach the week between Christmas and New Year's. This meant renting a house - a big house, a house to accommodate our five kids, three spouses, one serious girlfriend and two grandsons. Not a cheap expenditure. We saved up the money and rented a lovely house that comfortably accommodated our whole crew. Now, let me offer you one of the experiences we can have in our groups, confession.  

The closer we got to the week, I seriously wondered if this was worth the cost. On a few different fronts, I was questioning the "value added" of this expenditure. Well, I am happy to report that God and Cheryl have forgiven me for being a "scrooge" about doing this, and that our family had a wonderful week together. The relational "value added" to our family was well worth the financial cost. So what does this have to do with you as a small group leader. Not sure, I just need something for my regular email to all of you. Not really!!

Early next week you will be receiving a very short survey. The purpose of this is "value added." This survey will be used to evaluate and develop two of the resources we currently use to serve you as leaders, my weekly emails and our weekly sermon-based study leader's guide.   If I am going to add to the volume of emails in your life, I want to make sure this is "value added" to your leadership. We also want to make sure that the leader's guide is improving and increasing in "value added" in the facilitation of group discussions. So please take the survey as a way of adding value to these two resources so that they increase in "value added" to you as a valuable leader of GFC.  

Praying for each of you to have a fruitful year of ministry in 2013!

Grace Be With You,


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