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March 28, 2013

A Prayer Assignment

I can't recall a time where I have asked groups to take on a prayer agenda before. I am currently reading a book entitled, A Journey to Victorious Prayer, which has led me to make this request. Let me share with you the real life story that has captured my attention and heart with hopes that it will do the same with you.

The story relates to a prayer burden that God laid on Dorothy Clapp, who was an older Christian lady who lived in New Jersey. God led her to take as her prayer assignment the public high school down the street. Here is her story as told by author Wesley Duewel.

Day after day, month after month, year after year she faithfully obeyed her prayer task. She prayed for God to save young people in that school. Then she began to pray that God would not only save them but send them to the ends of the earth. After twelve years of faithful praying, she began praying for a mischievous young male student. She sent him a Gospel of John. For three more years she prayed, and at last God saved George Verwer.

Before long, George had led two hundred other students to Jesus Christ. Some of them went to college and began to meet daily for prayer and went out together in evangelism. In 1957, three of them went to Mexico to evangelize during their summer vacation. By 1960, threy were also taking Christian youth to Spain. By 1962, they had their first multi-nation European campaign. By 1964, I had the joy of greeting George and the first Operation Mobilization group to India.

Now each year, several thousand Christian young people from many nations join forces to evangelize, sell and distribute literature, and reach the nations for Christ. Operation Mobilization is reaching coastal ports by two gospel ships, training hundreds of youth each summer, and enlisting others in one-to two-year short-term service. Its "graduates" are strengthening the ranks of many Christian churches and organizations around the world.

It can be traced to one Christian lady who prayed for fifteen years for students at a high school. Only God has the total results recorded of her faithful obedience in prayer. In heaven, she is already rejoicing. But the full record will be tallied and her full reward will be given only at the judgment throne of Christ. There, before His assembled millions of saints, Jesus will call her forward, praise her for her faithfulness, and announce her great reward.1

1. Wesley Duewel, Measure Your Life: 17 Ways to Evaluate Your Life from God's Perspective (Grand Rapids:Zondervan, 1992). 107-8

Will you lift up your heart to God and ask him to give you and your group the burden to pray for Mountain View families to respond to the Summer Base Camp opportunity. If you are open to taking on this prayer assignment as a group, then please click on the prayer request link.

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