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January 17, 2014

On My Mind

Do you remember the popular song sung  by Willie Nelson, Always on My Mind?Well, even though you aren't always on my mind, you have been on my mind and heart while I have taken a break for a few weeks from writing this communication. I want to use this first communication of 2014 to share some things that are on my mind when it comes to facilitating and leading our groups.

1.) People first, tasks second - Make the members of your group your first priority over the task of facilitating a group. Relationships are remembered for a lifetime - tasks come and go.

2.) Embrace Connection as Your Ministry - Invest time in getting to know your group members - take time to make connections with some of your group members outside of the group meeting and encourage them to connect with each other outside of group meetings.

3.) More listening; less talking - You've heard it said there is a reason God gave us two ears and only one mouth! When it comes to communication skills, let's work more this year on the listening skills.

4.) Celebrate Small Victories - We are all wired to celebrate "big" things. Let's learn to celebrate the small things - the small steps group members take to be more a part of the group, and the small ways they are being changed and used by Christ.

5.) More Real Mail; Less Email - Take 5-10 minutes each week and write a hand written note to a couple of group members to encourage them and let them know they are on your heart and mind.

6.) Reflect on Your Group's Win - There is a difference between preparing for your group time and reflecting on your group. Taking time each week to reflect and ask God to give you insight to where your group members are in the Ultimate Journey of being changed by Christ and used by Christ and how you can help each other take the next step.

7.) Develop an External Focus - It is so easy for my focus to be on my job, family, friends and my church family, that I unintentionally live in the Christian bubble. Developing or strengthening my personal mission of reaching out to the broken and the lost needs to be on my mind and heart and serve as a model to my group.

You are frequently on my mind and heart, and I am so blessed to serve with you in this core strategy of group life at GFC. I pray this is the best year yet for all of us as followers of Jesus Christ and strategic facilitators of our groups.