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October 11, 2012

The Making of a Group Leader and Group

God's intent is to develop or form what he creates. In Genesis 1 and John 1 we learn that God the Son takes what is formless and void and develops this into the heavens and the earth. God develops the nation of Israel through miraculous births, bondage, liberation, captivity and restoration. God develops the world for the coming of Christ to earth through system of roads, the peace of Rome and through common language. Most importantly God does all this development to develop people who will live for the praise of His glory (Ephesians 1).

Information and insight alone do not make a leader. Over time I have come to realize that God uses three significant ways to develop leaders and groups. Often times this development is synergistic. When an leader is going through one of these paths of development, a group can enter into the process. When a leader is shepherding a group member or members going through any of these three issues, a group can enter the process of development. A group can also go together through one of these paths of development.

Think about your story, the stories of your group members and the stories of your group life. Though you may not use these words, your stories of formative times will center around three things, opportunity, adversity and calling. Unexpected opportunities, unavoidable adversities and unquestionable callings are a usual part of life. To the degree we response to these three realities in unusual ways will determine how significantly they change our lives and shape our stories. Over the next three weeks, I want to share with you how these three things are significant for how God develops us.

By the way these three things are also great ways for us to experience God the Father, God the Son and Holy Spirit. Love to hear your comments and feedback about the series I wrote, "Are you a Trinitarian Group?" It helps me know if I am hitting the mark for you as leaders with the topics I write on and if this is worth your time to read. My heart is to write about things that will encourage and equip you as leaders. So please give me your honest feedback.

Finally, if you are using our new sermon series for your group's study, please make sure to use the weekly leader's guide. This sermon series will cover some sensitive issues so the leader's guide Tom writes each week will be immensely helpful in facilitating discussion and application. The leader's guide is posted online here each week by Friday afternoon. Tom and I want to know which groups are doing this sermon series, so please click on this link to send an email with the subject line "sermon series."

I love you and I am committed to you and praying for your fruitfulness as a leader. Thanks for all you do!