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November 8, 2012

Should our Group Take a Break for the Holidays?

While some of your group members can barely come up for air during the holidays, others may experience a great deal of loneliness. Be sensitive and open to how your group can respond to this or other needs even though you are not meeting as a group.

Maybe the only meeting you put on the schedule is one where your group serves together. Trying to meet and do a Christmas service project may be too much. I suggest you choose the Christmas service project because this time of year can provide some of the most meaningful group service opportunities.

Also, if your group takes a break, make sure you communicate when you will start back up again. Let me encourage you to let the group know what study you will be doing and what they will need and how to get it. This will help get your group back on track with some momentum out of the gate. It will also give group members the opportunity to anticipate and look forward to a new study.

You can also give your group some important "mark your calendar" dates for the new year. Our Men's No Regrets Conference, will be Saturday, February 2. Early registration for No Regrets begins November 15. There will also be a Women's Night on February 8. We are also tentatively planning a two-week seminar on Wednesday nights in January on the topic of prayer. I will let you know in the coming weeks if we will be offering this.   

Should your group take a break over the holiday season? Yes and No.   I hope you will pursue both answers under the direction of the Holy Spirit!

One final encouragement. As part of the GFC tradition, there is a baptism scheduled for the Sunday after Thanksgiving, Nov. 25. Please let your group know about this opportunity and direct them to if they what more information.   

Grace Be With You,