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November 14, 2013

Looking for a Fun Group Social?

Group socials can serve to strengthen the relationships of our groups in really fun ways.  Recently, Donna Simmons shared with me a group social she and Taft did with their Community Group. She has willingly (how can she not - I am her boss) offered to share this great group social idea and experience with all of you in this week's communication.


What do cowboy hats, boots, saloons, and murders have to do with community? Not much really, unless you are hosting a Wild West Murder Mystery Dinner Party. Our community group recently had a fun-filled evening dressing up and pretending to be characters from the Wild West!

This fall, we added several new people to our group and we really wanted to do something fun just to get to know each other better and work on creating a relational environment. Everyone joined in and did a wonderful job with their costumes and came prepared to play the character that had been assigned to them.

We enjoyed wonderful appetizers, a cornbread and chili supper and some delicious apple pie for dessert. It was great just to let our guards down and have fun during this three-hour event. As we continue growing in Christ and doing life together, we believe we have created a memory that will truly last a lifetime.

If you'd like to learn more about hosting a party of your own, click here.


Group Snapshots.  Just want to remind you that if you haven't submitted your Small Group Snapshot, please do so. This helps us know who is in your group and how we can be praying. It is also a way for you to communicate needs where you need pastoral support. So please make sure to help us in this way.

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