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April 19, 2013

Beliefs Matter

With the tragic bombings that occurred this week at the Boston Marathon, the typical and critical questions surface as we once again face the issue of civilian violence. Perhaps you have heard or you are asking these questions. What is wrong with people? How could someone do this? What kind of person would do such a thing? What goes on in someone's mind who does this? Perhaps the most relevant question is what were/are the beliefs of a person who would do this? We can try to equate an explainable crazy cause when often times there are deep seated beliefs driving this violence. Tim Challis provides the following insights on this issue of faulty beliefs.

"The contemporary world is marred by the terrible habit of neglecting the importance of beliefs. Because we exist on the rushed and distracted surface of life's waters, we have neglected and forgotten about the depths below. We are more pragmatic and short-term in our approach to life's problems than those who came before us. And it hasn't served us well in times of crisis.

Beliefs matter immensely. Nearly every morally controversial act on the part of a given individual or group is rooted in the peculiar beliefs of that person or group. When we read or hear about terrorist slaughters in one part of the world, human trafficking in another, and genocide in yet another, our inner moral gage registers the immediate disdain for such evil proceedings. But how much slower are we to also recognize the woefully faulty beliefs of those at the forefront of the events? No doubt the two are causally linked."

The reason why the terrorism of the Boston Marathon is relevant to your group goes beyond the fact that this is a tragic current event that is worthy of our thoughts and prayers. This event is another sobering reminder of the tragedy that is the fruit of a destructive belief system.

One of the valuable outcomes of what you do as a leader is to create a place, a group, where beliefs matter; where you help people develop their belief system about God, themselves, life, and relationships around the truth of God's revealed Word. Sometimes you may wonder about how much life change is happening in your group. I know I do. Here's another thought for us to consider. How much destructive life change has not happened because your group is a place for helping people believe in what matters most. Your group is a place to develop and strengthen a belief system that centers on life not death. Though the goal we have for our group members is transformation into Christ likeness, instilling a Christian belief system that places high moral values on decency and human dignity is a wonderful outcome of group life not just for the church but for society. Beliefs matter therefore your group really matters! 

Grace, Tim

Great Group Service Opportunity

I am having a great time coaching 1st & 2nd grade kickball in the Rise Up!/Mountain View School kickball league. We could sure use the help of Community Groups to serve the food we are providing for kids and their families at the games. If your group wants to serve in this way and have some fun watching GFCers coach kickball, than contact Larry Stamm. Kickball games are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights through the middle of May. 

Important Reminders

Men's Breakfast - April 27 - Men, please encourage the men in your group to come with you to our breakfast on April 27,  8 am in Room 401.  Michael Marion, Executive Director at Rise Up!, will be our guest speaker.  Topic will be "Be a Man that Lasts."  Cost is $10 and you can sign up online or at the lobby table this Sunday.