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April 25, 2013

Christian Leadership is Being Led

Recently, I have had the opportunity to reflect on my Christian leadership. The big question I am asking is, what is leading me in my leadership. Is it the dark side of my ego that I can easily mask with ministry, or am I being led by Christ? So, here is a simple grid that helps me move my leadership from being less about me and more about Christ.

First, it's about me when I what to be important and I am comparing myself to others to see how I am doing. I see others as my competition in how I measure my importance.

Second, it's still about me when I want our church to be important. When I am driven by thoughts that our church have a reputation of being the best church in our community and known by others as a church that is successful. Instead of seeing other people as my competition, I see other churches and organizations as my competition. My heart is much more into building a successful, admirable church than it is to help lead a church to be a vital part of the body of Christ that is serving the mission of Christ in this world.

The third part of the leadership grid is to seek to be led by Christ.  When I am driven to lead in a way that serves the purpose of Christ in my life and the lives of others, this will free me from seeing other people or organizations as the competition and seeing Satan and the dominion of darkness as the competition. This gives me a passion to lead not for personal or organization success, but so that the life and light of Christ is prevailing.

How about you? As you lead your home, your group, or in the workplace, what is driving you? What is leading you? We can be doing Christian leadership and be driven by selfish motives and ambitions.   Christian leadership at its core is being led by Christ so that you lead others toward Christ.    

If you want to take a deeper look at your leadership, here is a book I am reading and discussing in my weekly pastors' group, Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership. This book can help you identify what your self-driven dark side of leadership looks like and how to overcome it.

Sharing the journey with you of allowing Christ to lead,


Great Group Service Opportunity

 I am having a great time coaching 1st & 2nd grade kickball in the Rise Up!/Mountain View School kickball league. We could sure use the help of Community Groups to serve the food we are providing for kids and their families at the games. If your group wants to serve in this way and have some fun watching GFCers coach kickball, than contact Larry Stamm. Kickball games are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights through the middle of May.