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May 16, 2013

Announcing a New Summer Growth Opportunity

I know that many of our Community Groups take on a different pace over the summer due to vacations and additional travels, but we never take a break from spiritual growth. We have tried to offer short-term group growth opportunities on Sunday mornings, but with so much in and out of group members, we have come to believe that is not the most effective way to offer growth to our church. So I want to make you aware of something we are doing that is brand new that you need to let your group members know about that will be offered for you and them during June and July. It's called The Summer Book Club.    

We will be offering people the opportunity to participate in one of three self-study books with other GFCers. There will be a sessions in June and July so that a GFCer can actually do two of these very practical and helpful book studies. Here are the three books by Max Anders:

30 Days to Understanding the Bible

30 Days to Understanding the Christian Life

New Believer's Handbook

Please promote this in your group over the next couple of weeks so that those individuals who are ready and want to take next steps of growth while your group is on a different schedule over the summer can take advantage of this strategic opportunity.

I am looking forward to meeting with each of you as we finish out another ministry year in group leadership.  Please let Donna know of your availability to meet.

In closing, my time in Israel was incredible, and I look forward to how this trip will continue to shape my life and ministry. Thanks for praying for all of us on this trip!!



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