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building a community to reach a community

July 12, 2013

What Could've Made the Difference 

Yesterday, I stepped out of the office and went to a local establishment to grab a quick lunch between appointments. In a matter of 10-15 minutes I had brief conversations with individuals who are not active at GFC and are drifting away when it comes to their faith.    

As I was driving back to the church my heart was heavy. I asked myself what could've and what can make the difference. These are individuals whose attendance has been sporadic, but love GFC and are not actively pursuing other churches, and sadly are not actively pursuing Christ. Please understand I am not judging these individuals; I am using their situation to cause me to pause and reflect on what makes the difference. I think you and I know. Getting into a healthy community group experience makes the difference.  

As I pulled up the long driveway to the parking lot my passion for groups ministry at Grace was uniquely and powerfully fueled. Groups make the difference in our church. It's what gives believers in Jesus Christ the "spurring on" and encouragement that we all need to continue to make progress in our walk with Christ. That's why I want to invite you to continue to pray and play a major role in our goal of 30 new Community Groups for 300 people to join this fall as our way of joining God together to build a community to reach a community. I am burdened and excited to see how God will use each of you in this goal. 

On August 18, we launch a four-week vision cast and sign ups for our Community Groups that we are calling the Groups@Grace Marketplace.  We are designing this with the big goal in mind of enfolding 300 people into groups. As part of this process we are asking you to send us pictures you have of your group's socials and service projects. We are wanting to find creative ways to use your photos for this four-week venture.  Please send these to Donna as soon as possible.  

By the way, one of our strategies for doing groups is to target young moms to be part of our M2O ministry which is a large group/small group ministry approach. One of the needs each year is the childcare ministry that supports these monthly gatherings and groups of young moms. Please help us by getting the word out to your group members about this strategic service opportunity. You can learn more about this in the message below from Sharon Killian.   

Thanks for being a strategic way God uses for believers to keep from drifting and instead grow and thrive in their faith!!  

Grace, Tim  

Special message about Urgent M2O Childcare Needs!  

The M20 (Mom to Mom Outreach) group starts meeting again August 15. We are still in need of several childcare volunteers to serve one Thursday morning a month from 9-11:30am from August through April. If you know anyone at GFC who has a flexible schedule during the day, loves kids or would want to serve in this way, please email Sharon Killian or call 423-676-6693. Thank you!