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August 17, 2012

Dear Leaders,


If you asked me to make a list of men who have influenced my life, Coach Berg would be on that list. Coach Berg was my high school track and cross country coach. He had a unique way of understanding how to train and motivate us as a team and individuals. He taught me the value of goal setting, evaluating where I am currently in light of the goal and what I will need to do to achieve the goal. Under his coaching, I kept improving as a track and cross country runner and went on to be a successful college cross country runner. One of my teammates went on to to be a Big Ten Champion. Coach Berg taught me the value of coaching.

Another person on my list is Dr. Roy King. Roy has been coaching me informally and now formally as a pastor and leader for quite a few years. I find that the questions he asks and the goals he helps me set have been so valuable to my personal and professional development.

This year we are launching a Group Leader Coaching Ministry. The coaching will focus on three areas: the group leader's spiritual health & growth, the development of their small group, and the development of their leadership. The coaching agreement will involvethree one- hour meetings a year: September, January and May. Before each coaching session, you will need to fill out a Coaching Prep Form and send to your coach a week before your schedule meeting. The Group Leader Coaching Ministry can take place one one one, as a couple or you can participate in a coaching huddle with 2-3 other leaders.

All new leaders are required to participate in the Group Leader Coaching Ministry, but we also want to make this available to our current leaders.

If you are interested in having a coach, please email Donna. We will be in touch with new leaders to set up a meeting schedule.

Grace and peace,