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Core Classes

The ultimate journey is the narrow path that Jesus spoke of. It isn't easy and comes with many challenges. As you learn to walk closely with God, you’ll find encouragement and insight for daily living.

Drawing on the practical wisdom found in the Bible can act as a map for us, to lead us confidently into a life of freedom and joy. Yet when we open our bibles we may be unsure how to read and understand it.

Grace Equip has designed growth pathways to help you move forward on your ultimate journey, one step at a time, alongside others headed in the same direction. GFC's Core Classes will equip you with the understanding you need to read your Bible, apply it, and develop spiritual practices that will bear rich fruit in your relationship with God and in your day-to-day life.

Each of the 4 Core Classes below will equip you in a different area of your faith. We hope you'll consider joining us on the journey!

  • Cultivate: Pursuing a deeper connection to God
  • Navigate: Finding your way through the Bible
  • Investigate: Turning Bible study into an adventure
  • Contemplate: Life changing beliefs

Core Class: Cultivate

If you want your relationship with God to grow deeper and become a more vibrant part of your life experience, then Cultivate is for you. This 5-part Grace Equip class is designed to kindle a freshness in your daily connection with the Lord. It’s not so much about discipline and habits as it is about finding practical "I-can-do-that!" ways to cultivate a rich devotional enjoyment of God in our everyday lives. This class is for you if your Ultimate Journey is stalled, you need to ignite your growth, or you seek practical insights for drawing near to God.

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