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El Salvador: Days 2-3

Yesterday the team brought blessings along with DJ's, music, face painting, craft projects and dancing (both the Macarena and the Wobble) to the handicapped adults at the  San Martine center. Later that  afternoon we took more music and colorful projects to the Severe and Profound disabled children at the Guarola center. Approximately 70 children from 2-17 live at this center, where they receive total care. Many cannot speak or walk but their smiles while we visited, fed, and interacted with them made us think that we made a difference.

Today we loaded up the big flatbed truck with supplies tools and set out at 8am to build a house for a local family that was said to be needing the blessing of a new home. We traveled 2 hours by bus into the rural area of El Salvador. On arriving the team leaders determined that the house we were to replace was made out of metal structures and really didn't need replacing and we did not have the tools to work with metal. So we were really concerned about what to do. Having a full truck to use, a full bus of workers, and no family to give our home to. What was Plan B? 

With a fair amount of dismay we loaded back on to the bus. It was already 10 am.

Our construction foreman Orsy had two sheets of paper with families who had applied but had not yet been selected for homes. He noticed that there was one family, not near the top of the list, who lived nearby. Outside of the usual procedure our driver pulls our bus over to stop at their current home and speak to them. This family, parents and 7 children, were living in a dirt floor 2 room home with a tin roof that was too small. The mother told us that since the roof did not meet in the middle that a heavy rain always got everything wet.  When the Foreman and Sus Hijos director Steve asked her if she would like a new home TODAY the look on her face was something like you see when the Prize Patrol comes to the homes in America . She said they had been praying for a home for the children and she could not believe that we had come. Thats when realized that Plan B wasn't needed, THIS WAS PLAN G! 

We went to measure the space next to the old house and it was just enough  space for the building we had on the truck. We had cloud cover to have some much needed shade, but no rain. The local children gathered to watch and learn from Mamma Botts and her bible story team. All construction proceeded smoothly and without injury to any of the Team. A neighbor child to the family was running and impaled a large stick through his upper arm and our team doctor's medical kit was put to work removing it. The family said over and over through our translators how they had been praying for a new home and that they could not believe that it had come. Tomorrow we will return to put the roof on the new home, add some furnishings, and bring food to all the homes in the village.

Forgot to mention an important piece to this Plan G puzzle! Our team has never had an emergency room doctor as a team member. During our team meetings, we discussed the possibility of our Team Doc, AKA Dr. Sarah Carrier, taking basic supplies such as a REAL emergency medical kit. When the little boy screamed in pain from an almost 3 to 4 inch piece of bamboo under his skin, the team immediately knew once again, God had this situation under control. Dr. Carrier had been preparing lunch for the team and the food prep gloves came off and her Doctor hat went on! God orchestrated the day's events to bless a large family in great need of basic shelter and a little boy who would be needing emergency medical the middle of a village community! What an amazing God we serve!

Also, our team storytellers for the day were some of our youngest members on the team. Bailey Torbett, Abby Benton, Chloe Foster, and Mallory Garrison.

No matter where you are going, do not worry, God is already there.

Amy Benton doing face painting at the San Martin adult center

The family's current home

5 of the family's children with our volunteers

The new home after the first day of building

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