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El Salvador: Days 4-5

"We plow the fields and scatter the good seed on the land, but it is fed and watered by God's almighty hand. He sends the snow in winter, the warmth to swell the grain, the breezes and the sunshine, and soft refreshing rain....All good gifts around us, are sent from heaven above. So thank the Lord, yes thank the Lord for all his love" (Stephen Schwartz, Godspell)

 It's Day 5 at 9:30pm, and most of the team just loaded up into the truck. They are out for a 3rd round of feeding our less fortunate brothers and sisters here who are homeless, and tonight are also having to try to find shelter in the rain.

The blogger stayed here in order to give an update on our  "plowing and scattering" that we have done today.

This morning we loaded up on the bus to go to yet another orphanage (this one sponsored by the Catholic church) and visited with boys ages 7-16 who were placed there due to a recent crisis, which might be an abusive family, membership in a gang, or abandonment. In the afternoon we had time to spend with 8 girls in a state-run crisis facility (there are 7 in the city). In each place we spent about 2-3 hours providing crafts, conversation, and friendly sports games, while trying to spread our message that ALL children are wanted, and God has not forgotten them. Through the help of our translators we were able to connect, if only for a short time, with children who otherwise would have care, but no real relationships provided to them. It is our hope that God will "feed and water" the seeds that we planted.

Tomorrow we will be taking 25 children with us for a day at the beach, which will allow us one more day to try and make a difference. The children will again be from orphanages and would not otherwise get to do a trip like this not for Sus Hijos and GFC helping with the expenses and supervision.

Three prayers we have:

HELP:  Please help us to reach as many as we can, who are so desperately needing any encouragement that God has not forgotten them.

THANKS: Thank you Father for your guidance and protection of our team during this journey. And for the great weather. The occasional cloud cover has been especially awesome.

WOW:  You have let us be part of the miracle of bringing a real home to a humble and needy family who had prayed for your help...and the miracle of meeting children who had been thrown away, abused, or simply made a wrong turn, and allowing us to be a positive force in their lives.

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