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The Most Wonderful News! (An update from Ruth Lindberg)

by Larry Nees

Just a couple weeks ago Ruth entered chemo with a “death-sentence” hanging over her head.  Read our November 14th posting. But by the grace of God everything has changed! Tears are now laughter. Here’s what Ruth wrote on her Caring Bridge site:

The most wonderful news!

By Ruth Lindberg — Dec 5, 2013 4:35pm

My CT scan this morning showed no evidence of cancer. 


(If you have not yet jumped out of your seat and done a little dance and cheer, now is a good time to do that.)

I am still in a state of elation and amazement.  My oncologist said that the masses and enlarged lymph nodes that were present on the prior scans are now completely gone.  The radiologist had to look over the scans a few times to make sure that they weren't missing anything, so we waited for a couple hours at my doctor's office until we got the official read.  My doctor said that when she talked to the radiologist about the scans, they asked her, "What did you give her???" 

Our hearts are full of joy and praise today.  God has truly put a new song in our mouths today, a song of praise to Him.  He has healed me!  Praise the Lord!!!

I am still going to go through two more cycles of chemo, which will be three more months of treatment.  That is bearable now that I know that the treatment has been effective.  I will be admitted for a couple days next Friday for the next round.  We cannot say definitively that I am cured - my oncologist said that one thing that we have to decide is whether I ought to go for surgery to look for any cancer that was not picked up by the scans - but this is the best news that we could have hoped for today.  After I go through more chemo, I will have another scan to evaluate things at that point.

Last night I prayed before I went to bed, asking God to heal me completely and destroy every cancer cell.  I prayed that the radiologists would have to read the scans twice because there wouldn't be any signs of cancer remaining.  I knew that many people with more faith than me have been praying for my healing; that God was waking people up in the middle of the night to pray; that many precious children, including Maddie's whole 4K class, were praying earnestly; that I was being covered with prayer from all corners of the globe at all hours.  He has heard all of our cries and has answered in a most amazing way.  I sit here looking at my two dear children, and my heart is overflowing with thankfulness to our God.

Praise Him!

Round Three By Ruth Lindberg — Dec 13, 2013 5:59pm

By Ruth Lindberg —  

I am back at Northwestern Memorial for my next cycle of chemo.  To walk up to my hospital room smiling and laughing - what a difference from my last admission!  I will start chemo tonight and will go home some time tomorrow.  This time, I will have the same three medications as I did with the first round of chemo.  My side effects were pretty rough after that first round (severe fatigue, nausea, and jaw pain) - please do pray that this time they will be bearable enough so that I can eat and drink. 

This past week has been a week full of great joy and thanksgiving.  What a joy to look at my children without any trace of sadness; to plan for the future with Doug; to cry happy tears.  God has turned our mourning into dancing.

I find myself at a loss for words right now.  I am in awe of God and what He has done. 

We talked with my oncologist more about what to expect from here.  I will have three more admissions after this for chemotherapy, ending in mid-February.  Unless I am having pain or other concerning symptoms, I will not have any scans until after the last round of chemo.  One concern that my doctor has is that a cancer that responds so quickly to therapy can also recur quickly; so if I have any pain, I need to have a low threshold to let her know.  However, if a year goes by after I am finished with chemo and I have had no recurrences, she thinks that it will not return. 

I wish that I could see you all face to face so that we could rejoice together.  Words cannot express how grateful Doug and I are for the overwhelming support that so many of you have given us over these last two months.  God has lavished His love on us through all of you, and we are so blessed.


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