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  • The Pulse - August 19

    An accusation or accusations that receive wide exposure. A situation that shocks you and makes you angry. Loss or damage to reputation caused by actual or apparent violation of propriety - disgrace. We are talking SCANDAL!

  • Feeling the Burn (Out)

    Transitioning from an aerobics instructor to a yoga instructor was enlightening for me. And by enlightening, I don’t mean that sitting on the floor sipping a chai latte with incense burning listening to soft music while contemplating the meaning of life type of enlightenment.

  • Meet Annie: The Impact of Grace Kids

    Meet Annie. Annie and her family began attending GFC when Annie was 2 years old. As Annie grew, she moved through Grace Kids along with those in her age group... In 3rd grade, Annie began to ask more questions after going to summer camp.

  • Hope Heals: Introducing a New Women's Study This Fall

    In the spring of 2008, everything in my life was running smoothly as a busy new mom and nonprofit development manager in a large metro market. My husband Jamie was working in ministry. My little family was happy and healthy.

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