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  • Monday Memo - April 27

    Joy Prom! Pure Joy! 1,000 guests and over 400 volunteers. What a night. Few things are so "right." Joy Prom leaves everyone, even God, I am sure, smiling!

  • Let the Joy Begin

    It has started, and this year it is already so much more. More joy. More dresses. More excitement. Joy Prom is now just a few days away. For months, GFC has offered dresses and tuxes at no cost for the honored guests...

  • Monday Memo - April 20

    Since the mid-1950s, the philosopher Antony Flew was the most influential, intellectually sophisticated defender of atheism in Western culture. He exercised a magisterial role in debates about God's existence for half a century. But in 2004, Flew shocked the world by announcing that he had changed sides.

  • Walking with Jesus During His Last Week

    When my wife Robin and I heard the Grace Kids team was looking for folks to help with the Walk with Jesus family experience, it wasn’t too difficult for us to say we wanted to help. Both Robin and I are involved in a few different ways of serving at GFC...

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