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  • The Pulse - May 25

    Do you ever struggle with patience? I know I do... I've read two things about my personality type in the last month (based on different assessments I've taken) that say I'm impatient.

  • Going Public: May 15, 2016 Baptisms

    During Sunday's services this week, we celebrated several baptisms! It's encouraging to see how God is at work in unique ways. In the videos below, you can watch the testimonies from each of the services and the baptisms of those who took a step of obedience to Go Public!

  • The Pulse - May 18

    I have been thinking about the rhythms of life lately. Stages and seasons. Life is not static, linear, or uniform. It moves, oscillates, vibrates, and pulsates. We develop through stages, experience seasons, and live in cycles...

  • When You Want to Serve but You’re Short on Time

    “I heard somewhere that most men if they’re lucky have one person in their life that they can call a true friend - the person that they can talk to about absolutely anything,” Kevin says seriously, and his train of thought is obvious.

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