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  • Monday Memo - August 25

    Some of you have asked me for the quote I used yesterday in the message, The World’s Greatest Reality Show. “Isn’t it good to be obedient, dutiful, law-abiding, hardworking, and self-sacrificing? And still it seems that my resentments and complaints are mysteriously tied to such praiseworthy attitudes. This connection often makes me despair...

  • Monday Memo - August 18

    I can see that life is going to require relationships. Those are the words of a cave man in a cartoon. This bedraggled little guy comes out of his cave, blinking his eyes and dragging his club behind him. He is then confronted by a huge dinosaur who is looking him right in the eye.

  • Your Marriage is Worth It

    My husband Terry and I have been married for 26 years. We are the proud parents of seven children, and our oldest son, Will, was just married this past weekend. As I sat on the front row of the ceremony, watching my son and his precious bride make their vows, the gravity of the situation impacted me.

  • Recovery: Who Needs It?

    When I first heard about Christian recovery programs I honestly believed that recovery was for the people with the “bad” problems- drug addiction, alcoholism, sex addiction, etc. I never actually thought the problems I had were “recovery worthy”...

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