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  • A Mentoring Ministry is Born

    Who would have ever thought? In 1979, GFC was a gathering of 45 people meeting in the gym of Towne Acres Elementary School. There were two college students from ETSU among those who attended on a regular basis.

  • Monday Memo - April 27

    Joy Prom! Pure Joy! 1,000 guests and over 400 volunteers. What a night. Few things are so "right." Joy Prom leaves everyone, even God, I am sure, smiling!

  • Let the Joy Begin

    It has started, and this year it is already so much more. More joy. More dresses. More excitement. Joy Prom is now just a few days away. For months, GFC has offered dresses and tuxes at no cost for the honored guests...

  • Monday Memo - April 20

    Since the mid-1950s, the philosopher Antony Flew was the most influential, intellectually sophisticated defender of atheism in Western culture. He exercised a magisterial role in debates about God's existence for half a century. But in 2004, Flew shocked the world by announcing that he had changed sides.

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