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  • Monday Memo - August 18

    I can see that life is going to require relationships. Those are the words of a cave man in a cartoon. This bedraggled little guy comes out of his cave, blinking his eyes and dragging his club behind him. He is then confronted by a huge dinosaur who is looking him right in the eye.

  • Your Marriage is Worth It

    My husband Terry and I have been married for 26 years. We are the proud parents of seven children, and our oldest son, Will, was just married this past weekend. As I sat on the front row of the ceremony, watching my son and his precious bride make their vows, the gravity of the situation impacted me.

  • Recovery: Who Needs It?

    When I first heard about Christian recovery programs I honestly believed that recovery was for the people with the “bad” problems- drug addiction, alcoholism, sex addiction, etc. I never actually thought the problems I had were “recovery worthy”...

  • Monday Memo - August 11

    With a flourish we concluded our TEXTING series yesterday as Gene Getz riveted our attention on the work of the Holy Spirit in the recording and preserving the Scriptures, so that we hold in our hands the very word of God in our own language! Just try to imagine life without this revelation.

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