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  • The Pulse - September 28

    AMEN!!!   AMAZED!!!   ANATHEMA!!!

    Our investigation of the SCANDAL in the life of the early church has begun! Galatians is a letter that is sharp, bold, and magnificent. It had to be. Grace was under attack.

  • Lessons Along the Road

    Over twenty years ago we started this mission journey, packed our trunks, and boarded a plane. Our heads were full of strategy, training and information, and our hearts full of expectation of all we hoped to see God do... through us, for His Kingdom.

  • Worth the Effort

    Kim and I understand it can be hard to make that initial step to join a small group: family conflicts, work priorities, you’re tired after a full day... the excuses go on and on. We joined the group we are currently in about 8 years ago.

  • Dependence Day

    July 4th is a noisy annual extravaganza of fireworks in America. It’s embedded in our national psyche as our birth day – our Independence Day. By contrast September 14th this year came and went quietly, even though it marked an event of equal if not greater import.

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