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  • Monday Memo - July 27

    In his book, Mid-Course Correction, Gordon McDonald tells the story of the day he went to an airport-sized hardware store, found a cheap storage cabinet he needed, and preceded to check out. Then it hit him. No way would that cabinet fit in the back of his Subaru Outback!

  • Reach El Salvador: Elise's Story

    At 18 years old, Elise Delatte was a shy, unassuming high school senior, a regular GFC attender, and a faithful nursery volunteer. She had never traveled abroad; she had never even flown on an airplane. One week over her spring break would change the course of her life forever.

  • Hear from Our ECHO Partners

    Each summer, we set aside a time to come together as a church and echo God’s love into our community through service. During a set time, we cover Johnson City with GFCers engaging in projects at organizations, schools, and in neighborhoods.

  • Monday Memo - July 13

    I found an article today entitled The Inextinguishable Church. Elwood McQuaid, the author, begins, "The global campaign to eliminate Christianity and the followers of Jesus Christ is as diverse as it is unrelenting." In the Middle East and Africa, barbaric tactics are liquidating churches...

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