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  • God's Presence in Peru

    People often speak of hearing God or seeing Him, and I never understood what that meant. I always thought it was just an analogy, just another perspective on connecting with Him, but then I went to Peru. I saw God in all of the children and people there...

  • The Peru Ultimate Journey Trip

    On June 10th the Peru Ultimate Journey Team set out on their trip to our sister church in Lima, Peru. We have compiled all their updates and pictures to give you a snapshot of what their trip was like! 

  • The Pulse - June 21

    We exaggerate yesterday. We overestimate tomorrow. We underestimate today.

  • The Pulse - June 15

    This is the summer of FAKE NEWS at GFC. It is worse than we think.Truth matters to be sure. The problem is that we are easily deceived and we are prone to see ourselves as victims, not truth-tellers. Hopefully you will soon...

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