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building a community to reach a community

Let's Start A Journey

Euro bungee, climbing walls, waterslides, obstacle courses, cool counselors and life-changing ministry are all on their way to Grace Fellowship Church the first week in June. It is called BASE CAMP, the start of a journey.

As Children’s Director, I could not be more excited about the opportunity Base Camp will provide for not only our GFC kids but also kids in the Mountain View community. We, as a church, want to provide meaningful experiences as a way to connect kids to Christ. What better way to experience the love of Christ than through a week at camp! All Campers will participate in fun activities, engage in friendships, exciting worship and Bible study all lead by cool college kids who are on fire for Christ!!

Why camp? Why kids? Kids experience positive role models in their counselors, meet a variety of kids in their peer groups, learn in an interactive way, and have it cemented in a memory. How many of us can still remember awesome experiences as a child? For me personally, many of my foundational beliefs about my Savior were formed when I was a little girl. At church camps and other programs, I learned about and experienced God in such memorable ways that He became part of who I am. In fact, the truths I learned as a child have sustained me since then and continue to impact my life on a daily basis. I have faced many obstacles, but have never had to face them alone, thanks to my Lord and Savior.

I fully expect the first week of June to be a starting point of two journeys for many kids, one that will grow their own personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They will learn about who Jesus is and what that means to me as an elementary kid in Johnson City, TN. The second journey will build lasting friendships that will reach beyond our church walls into our community. Friendships that begin with time together doing crazy, fun activities along with the foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ can be friendships that are so firmly rooted; they are able to pick up where they left off time after time, year after year.

One week of camp can be what brings about life-change. A life that might otherwise have not heard the gospel of Christ may be transformed by it. A friendship may be formed between kids who otherwise would never even talk to one another. Our mission at GFC is to build a community who will reach a community. Why not start when we are just kids?

OPERATION COOPERATION is one way – an essential and vital way – you can join others at Grace in making this Base Camp experience possible for Mountain View kids. Learn more about Operation Cooperation here.

Jennifer Daniel

Children's Ministry Director