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Walking with Jesus During His Last Week

When my wife Robin and I heard the Grace Kids team was looking for folks to help with the Walk with Jesus family experience, it wasn’t too difficult for us to say we wanted to help. Both Robin and I are involved in a few different ways of serving at GFC, from hosting a small group to Music Makers to storytelling on Sunday mornings. Being able to share the stories of the Bible is something we both enjoy. I had never participated in the Easter services in this way, however, and then I saw the script…

Several days before Walk with Jesus, we had one of our spirited family debates with our four sons on the importance of Christmas vs. Easter. Is one more important than the other? I find a lot of joy in listening to my family discuss topics of this nature and hearing how they are processing big questions related to the birth and death of Jesus. Those are really the most important questions of the Christian faith – was He born and what was His death for and did He stay in that tomb? The debate rages on within the Adams Family, but the focus of this weekend was Easter.

Reading that script for the first time and seeing the key elements of Christ’s last week on earth – the entrance into Jerusalem, the last supper, the garden, and then finally the cross – and realizing the privilege we had as a family to help share that, not just in words, but with interaction and movement, changed my long-held views of what that week looked like for Jesus and His closest followers. Seeing all of those kids’ excitement while they walked in the sand into Jerusalem, watching Moms and Dads get their feet washed by their little ones, smelling the bread of the last supper, hiding in the garden as Jesus was taken away, and then finally standing before the cross knowing we put Him there… though our hindsight removes the anger that those who were originally there felt, we were able to experience the guilt and sorrow over what we did to cause Him to have to be there on that cross.

But as the story of Easter tells us, and as everyone who spent that weekend walking with Jesus knows, the cross is not the end of the story – it is the beginning. I think my family, and every other family who was able to walk with Jesus that night, will always be struck by the realness of the journey. It should forever change what the celebration of Easter is all about. We were all there with Christ during the last week of His life. We just don’t realize it.



Rob Adams


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