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Blindsided by God

“What are we doing?”

“…Is this reeeeeeally what the Lord wants us to do?”

Those were just a few of the questions I asked myself while we were going through the foster parenting classes a little over 4 years ago.

Jeremy and I (Alison) are both teachers. After a few years of witnessing so many sad home lives, as well as being interviewed by DCS every so often regarding student issues, God laid it upon our hearts to prayerfully consider becoming foster parents. I say ‘consider’. We thought we would be in control of when and how we were to pursue this new endeavor, but when we began to feel that we were being disobedient to God by not moving forward, we started to take things more seriously. But how would our families accept this drastic choice? We already had two young children (yes, people thought we were out of our minds for wanting to foster). Their well-being had to take precedence over what may lay ahead of us. God faithfully took care of that worry. The peace that God gives you when you are in His will is like nothing you have ever felt before. All the questions and ‘what ifs’ began to fade away as we began this beautiful and crazy journey with Him.

We were ‘that couple’ in the foster parenting classes that didn’t want a newborn baby or even a toddler. We wanted teenagers. Eeeeek! We knew that with a 3 year old and a newborn, this was the right age group for us (it helped that by that time, Jeremy had worked several years at Science Hill’s alternative school). Nonetheless, we were now making ourselves vulnerable enough to allow one of those children into our home, where they would see our not-so-pretty side. We got our first foster daughter in August of 2010. She was 15 and needed a family. She needed to be guided and she needed to see Jesus. To this day, we remain in close contact, and our children still refer to her as one of their sisters.

Our second teen was ‘Big Ben’. He was 16 and is a gentle giant. He is still to this day my son’s best friend. Ben has often been referred to as ‘Blindside’ as the similarities between him and the hero of the sports movie, Blindside, are unbelievably close. He came to us in the summer of 2011 and stayed with us until we moved to South Carolina in 2012. When Ben came to us, he was quiet, timid, angry, confused, and did not know Jesus. Ben is now outgoing, playful, and knows who his creator is. We talk several times a week, and the best part is when my son Brady introduces Big Ben to his friends as his ‘brother’ without skipping a beat. I just love to watch his friends’ eyes grow as big as saucers. Melts my heart!

We just want our lives to look, feel, and be different. We want our lives to be like Jesus’. He never said it would be easy. Nowhere in the Bible did it say that doing the will of God is a walk in the park.,I take the rough days and those moments when I feel like I can’t be stretched further outside of my comfort zone and I look to God to give me patience and perspective for these children, who have no Mommy to talk to about their day or no Daddy to guide them in how to become a man of God. I take time to look at the amazing gifts He has bestowed to our family during this time. I can’t imagine how drastically different our lives would be if we hadn’t said ‘yes’ when everything around us told us ‘no’…and for that, my heart is forever grateful that we did.

Allison Bosken

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1. Dan and Dale Mills wrote: much for your testimony. What a blessing you guys are. We are so glad we know you. The Mills

Thu, February 13, 2014 @ 2:57 PM

2. Amanda Roark wrote:
I love your story and your hearts! Thanks for being obedient!!

Thu, February 13, 2014 @ 3:45 PM

3. Glenda Evjen wrote:
Alison, I am so thrilled I was there with Helen Burk when we went to your wedding together, along with Barbara Ratliff. I am amazed at how you and Jeremy have grown strong in the Lord. I've kept up with you through Shannon's FB and I almost cried when I read this. I know you are such a blessing to those you have fostered and will foster. I am sure God has much more for you to do but as young as you still are, I still sit in awe! God bless you and your whole family and give you strength to take on anything. You sure are perfect examples of young couples out there to follow in your footsteps! Love you - Glenda

Thu, February 13, 2014 @ 3:52 PM

4. Teri Neil wrote:
I am very thankful this family came into my life at the pre-school. They are beautiful inside and out...

Thu, February 13, 2014 @ 4:12 PM

5. Debra Hopson wrote:
What a great article!! Just in the short time We have been around Jeremy I have been amazed at a man with so much care and energy for young people . He has been an answer to prayer for DCHS ,changed so many boy's lives for the good . Can't wait to see how God will use him in the future. My son is about to live a dream of playing college football thanks to Jeremy's encouragement , coaching and the time he has put in helping him and other boys to assist them in the process of getting their information out there to colleges .
Allison you are amazing the way you support him, share him with all the kids he is involved with and love on your kids and any foster kids you have. On top of that you go to school everyday and put so much into other kids lives in the classroom . Thank you both for all you do and may God bless your family in many ways. Feel blessed to have been around you both .

Thu, February 13, 2014 @ 5:32 PM

6. Mary Lou O'Quinn wrote:
Meeting little Bella, through my daughter, Teri Neil, makes me feel I know her family. What a beautiful way God is using you to touch the lives of others. Only when you get to Heaven will you know all the blessing God has for you because of what you have done here on this earth.

Fri, February 14, 2014 @ 7:49 PM

7. Connie Creamer wrote:
What an encouragement to others about stepping out in faith, and taking "the road less traveled". You both are to be commended, and as always, when we are obedient to God's call, we are the ones who are blessed. Thanks for sharing your heart and lives with those who need His love.

Sat, February 15, 2014 @ 3:05 PM

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