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2014 Reach Peru Recap

Lima, Peru, may not be the most exotic vacation spot in the world, but it has an incredible beauty that I will always remember. The people of Lima were so welcoming even from the moment we stepped off the plane. They were trying to make us feel at home any chance they got whether it was greeting us at the airport with “welcome” signs or making us amazing meals.

The love I felt the first time we walked into PE-125 (our church’s Compassion “district” in Lima) was very apparent. All of the kids were watching us and wanted to talk to us. Some of the little girls were making us cards, which they handed to us shortly after we walked in the door. When we went to their church service, they made us feel at home right away. They set up chairs in the middle for us and had the English lyrics to their songs for us to sing. The hospitality grew and grew as the week progressed. As we prepared for our men and women nights, I was a little nervous for the evening, but as the women opened up to us, we began to learn how similar we are. The women of Peru had some of the same struggles and insecurities that women here have. They told us stories of cancer and rebellious teens and single moms. These concepts were not foreign to us; they exist in our own backyards. This really opened my eyes to see that we are all sisters and brothers in Christ no matter how far apart we live. We were able to pray for each and every family that shared their story, and in doing so, I was comforted just as much as they were.

My love grew for the people of Peru as we put on a Kid’s Day for the kids at the center. Even though it was hard to talk to them unless we had a translator, they loved on us, and we loved on them. We were able to teach them new truths and reinforce old truths. It was an amazing day as we grew closer as a team and to the people around us. I began to develop relationships with some of the kids, and it made our last day at the center that much harder. Saying good-bye to the kids was one of the hardest parts of the entire trip. The center put on a farewell party for us with games and music. It was so much fun singing with the kids and playing games with them. I ended up being volunteered for a game where they wrapped a string of balloons around you, and one of the kids tried to pop them. It was so much fun laughing and playing with them that I almost forgot we had to leave in a few hours. I was already missing them as we drove away from the center.

Two of the most amazing people we met while we were there was Pastor Daniel and his wife. They were so encouraging and full of love for God that we could never give them anything worth the same as the impact their words had on me and will continue to have on me. When you go on a mission trip, you are expecting to help them and to impact their lives, but what I am learning is that they help us and impact us just as much as we do them.

I will never forget the people I met and the things we did in the amazing city of Lima. This experience will be a part of my spiritual journey, and it will continue to remind me of the things I learned there.

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