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After We Let Go...

What a weekend!

Friday night and Saturday proved to be worth all the hubbub. Over 75 teens enjoyed a night designed just for them, complete with dessert bar, soul-filling live music, and a message that spoke directly to today’s “teen girl”. I personally enjoyed sitting next to my teen mentee who brought a friend from school! One highlight of the night was when Emily Freeman said to the girls, “I’m not sure if you have someone in your life that tells you you’re beautiful, that you are of great worth.” As I happened to glance down I noticed an exchange of notes between the girls where one had written, “Do you have someone in your life like this? I can be this person for you!”

Blessed. My. Soul.

Another highlight was seeing a mother/daughter at the Compassion table, joyfully looking at the children wondering which child would be the one the teen girl would sponsor! They deliberated, then picked a little girl from Indonesia who had been waiting over a year for a sponsor. Both their faces shone as they turned in the completed application and took home a new face to treasure together.

And that was just the start to the weekend!

Saturday not only brought us sunshine in the morning, but Son-light in the music! Christa & Nicole of “More Than Rubies”, ministered to all our women with their beautiful Gospel-rich melodies. One of my favorites this week is “Visible Invisible” – which you can now even see here in their new video!

Another highlight for me personally was finding out 8 more Compassion children were sponsored that day! That means 9 lives were rescued from poverty’s clutch, and at least 9 women’s lives (and 1 teen girl) were transformed through the new relationships they chose to step into! Since we know none of these women or children live in isolation, we know even more lives will be impacted by those choices. Praise God!

As if that weren’t enough to make the day worth it, Emily Freeman brought a message of freedom to our hearts in stories and the teaching of God’s Word through the parable of the prodigal son and the older brother. Here are just some of the take-away’s from our women:

  “I love ‘do less, be more’!”
“The father went out even to the ‘field of religion’ for the older brother.”
“Living easy in the Lord.”
“To be real. To be the friend you do not have.”
“Don’t let your fear hold you back.”
“Discovering what ‘do less and be more’ means in my life.”
“Am I willing to do less to be more?”
“It’s not something I have to earn, it’s already mine. I live in His house, He lives in me.”
“Surrendering the outcome, waiting for the unseen.”
“I need to live in His house…stop doing, and be.”
“I will never understand grace. I just need to experience it.”
“I’m an ‘older brother’. I desire freedom.”
“Don’t stress when God is able to take on our burdens.”
“Be willing to let things grow and realize sometimes we plant seeds and they won’t grow in our lifetime.” 

Emily helped clarify what it means to “let go” in that it doesn’t mean we let go and check out. Instead it’s more like we let go and enter in. Enter into who God is, into His Word, His presence, His grace. Enter into what He is doing in, for and around us. She related how ridiculous it is to walk up to the sea with a straw thinking we’ll sip it up. No way! Though that’s how we can approach God’s grace at times, believing we’ll understand it or be able to work hard enough and “get it” by trying-hard - like sipping the sea with a straw. When really the Gospel of Jesus invites us to experience His sea of grace NOT by sipping hard (striving, trying-hard), but by entering in - stepping into the sea and experiencing being in it. It takes faith to simply step into the full grace of God.

Pastor Rob must’ve been undercover at the conference because the very next morning the sermon picked up right where Emily left us off. If we are worn out, weary, stalled out and in need of fuel for the journey, it won’t come by hitting the pedal to the metal! We begin moving again when we take time to “be with God.” This has become my breath prayer as I go about this week, “God, be with me, let me be with You.”

I pray you were blessed, I have been. I pray you are encouraged to ask God what it means to be with Him more in this journey, rather than focusing on always doing for Him.

If you missed Saturday’s conference message, CDs will be available for $5, just email me to purchase one. And be sure to catch all of the Stalled series going on now, because we’ll all try sipping at the sea and stall out at some point!

Heather Yates
Women's Ministry Director


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1. Donna wrote:
Thanks for the recap Heather. So sorry I missed it. I do want a CD!

Thu, August 15, 2013 @ 9:22 AM

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