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We Didn't Know Our Marriage Had Stagnated

We have always looked at our marriage like a machine - if we work to maintain it, it will run smoothly.  We try to attend the typical marriage classes when they are offered to help us do the “required maintenance” on our marriage.  We have done all of the big name studies (Smalleys, Chapmans, Lemans, Parrotts), and we have always taken something away that is useful and strengthens our marriage.  We fully expected re|engage to be like other marriage classes, but we were wrong.  Re|engage was so much more than what we have previously experienced.  It was deeper, more intense, and helped us to grow closer to each other while we grew in our relationship with Christ.

Prior to re|engage, if asked to rate our relationship we would have both said we were better than most others, an 8 out of 10.  But with 4 children (ages 12, 10, 2 and 1), we are constantly on the go and it is easy to get into a rut. Looking back, it's easy to see we were at a stage in our marriage where we were just going through the motions.  We had allowed many small things to build a wall between us.  We were in the “good relationship” stagnation.  Nothing was bad, so we didn’t see the need to fix anything. The re|engage process opened our eyes to this stagnation and forced us to address the many small issues that were keeping us from the relationship we could have.

By focusing on our relationship with Christ and allowing that to guide our relationship with each other we have experienced a higher level of intimacy, a deeper level of trust, and renewed enjoyment of each other.  We are no longer two people doing marriage at the same time, we are a couple who is enjoying life together.

Maybe you feel like your marriage has stagnated and needs to be reignited - or maybe your marriage is in desperate need of a complete resurrection. Whether your marriage is a 2 or an 8, re|engage can move you forward, together. Monday, September 22, is the last preview week for the re|engage process. After this week, you'll have the opportunity to commit to a re|engage small group to experience healing and restoration alongside other couples. To find out more information and sign up for this week's preview, visit

Mark and Jenn Rowe

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