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A Woman’s Touch

Once upon a time in a land far far away, there was a man and woman who enjoyed unhindered fellowship with the Holy One of the Universe. One day an evil serpent tempted and deceived the woman to choose for herself what was best for her, even though it wasn’t what the Holy One said was true. She chose for herself what she saw was ‘good’, while the man watched. And so sin entered mankind’s nature to rule in their flesh...that is until the Holy One’s Son would come in flesh to make all right again.

(Fast forward to today)...A young woman is sitting in her “Women and the Law” class listening to her professor teach on the needs of women and the importance of guaranteeing free access for women to abortions on-demand. She explains that a woman’s body is her own to use for whatever pleasure or economic purpose she decides is best for her – including prostitution. The young woman quietly listens to her professor, but because she follows Jesus, the Holy One's son, she hears his voice too: “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.” (1 Cor. 6:19-20) The professor's discussion was persuasive, it sounded fair, it seemed equitable, but something was deeply flawed in the professor’s reasoning.

When the two voices stopped, the young woman used hers and asked one simple question:

“What worldview are you starting from to reach your conclusions today, Ma’am?”

The professor blinked a couple times, and asked for clarification.

“What lens are you wearing to view the world by – humanity, sexuality, gender, right and wrong? Is it based on the worldview that says YOU created yourself and the world or that a higher being created everything?”

The professor wasn’t happy that the young woman exposed this important aspect to logic – you need a foundational framework, a core belief system and lens for life with which to build upon. Depending on where you start – you can reach drastically different conclusions!

We are all swimming in the sea of our culture and even as Christian women seeking to follow Christ, we are bound to gulp debris in from its waters. If we are not alert, we will base our entire worldview around a deceptive but attractive philosophy that promises to "free" us as modern women, but, it will in fact binds us even further to self-rule as mini-gods. It is imperative then, if we are going to become who the One true God is shaping us into, we will need to filter the muddy messages we are taking in regularly!

Enter the scene: Grace Women! Someone asked one time, why gendered ministry? Why have women's and men's ministries? That’s an excellent question, by the way. The short answer is concise and sufficient for most: the Bible says so. Paul instructs the young pastor Titus to teach sound doctrine to men and women, and for older women to train up the younger women, and older men to encourage the younger men.

Here at GFC we are incredibly blessed to have a humble and dedicated Senior Pastor in Tom Oyler! He diligently serves us through his teaching of God’s Word, and with him we have several other passionate and gifted teachers of God’s Word to shepherd us. We need to thank God often for this great gift, and thank them as well! (It’s still Pastor Appreciation Month!) God has also provided many mature men and women in our community to learn with and from, and many younger men and women to “train up” along the way. It seems simple, but something incredible happens when a mature woman spends time sharing life with a younger woman who is trying to figure this life thing out – and she points her to Jesus in practical ways. If godly women are going to filter the junk flowing through our culture’s waves, we’re going to need a community of women who have been doing it awhile!

That is what Grace Women is designed for – building a community to reach a community – as women for women. We know what lies sound like for women because we hear them! We know the temptations women face because we face them! We know the encouragement women need because we need it too!

Whether it’s through a Grace Women small group, Mom to Mom Outreach, or through one of our events, we prayerfully ask the Lord to use Grace Women to extend God’s family alongside Grace Men, and through families at GFC.

This Friday night, October 26th, Grace Women is hosting October Baby Movie Night – an event for you – a woman who needs to know God can redeem even what seems totally broken. We hope to “filter” truth from lie Friday night as we hear personal testimonies of women with changed lives because of the transforming grace of Jesus! Would you join us in prayer for our women? Would you pray that we, as women, could have a God-sized impact on the women in our community for Christ that ripples for generations? May God reward you as you pray!

Heather Yates

Women's Ministry Director





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