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building a community to reach a community

Lead a Community Group

We are always looking for people who want to help others grow in their relationship with God in a group context. Group leaders play a major part in our mission of building a community to reach a community by providing their group with the vision, direction, and support needed to create authentic Christian community and a transformational environment. Group leaders have the joy and privilege of seeing God transform group members who reflect Christ’s love to each other and our neighbors, locally and abroad.


Ministry Role Description

Role: The Community Group Leader (CGL) serves under the leadership of their assigned pastoral staff coach.  The primary role of a CGL is to facilitate members to engage a transformational small group process so that each person is taking their next steps in the ultimate journey of maturity in Christ.

Context: The Community Group Leader plays a strategic role in contributing to the GFCers' personal growth and the fulfillment of Grace Fellowship's mission of building a community to reach a community.

Responsibility:   The Community Group Leader will focus on creating a relational environment within the life of GFC where:

  1. Group members CONNECT by building authentic and caring relationships.
  2. Group members GROW by participating in intentional conversations and personal application of scripture.
  3. Group members REACH by passing their faith on to others.


  1. Regularly attend worship services
  2. Faithfully attend Leadership Community meetings and CGL trainings
  3. Wholeheartedly believe in our mission and exemplify our values
  1. Attend a monthly coaching session with your pastoral coach
  2. Be trained in and intentionally utilize the ultimate journey process of spiritual growth
  3. Identify potential co-leaders and host(s)
  4. Cast and lead the vision of group multiplication
  5. Pursue and follow up on all potential new group members
  6. Ensure the quality of group meetings and activities
  7. Encourage all group members to contribute in the group process.

Time Commitment:  The CGL will commit to a one-year term of service.  The estimated time commitment is approximately 10 hours per month.

Team:  This ministry role is part of the Grace Groups ministry.

The Joy Factor:  The Community Group Leader will have the satisfaction of participating in the transforming work of Christ in the lives of others by seeing them grow in Christ and they in turn help others grow and come to faith.

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