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Leader’s Guide –September 16-21

Looking Back: Expectations, Mark 10:46-11:10
This Sunday's sermon did a lot of introspection, looking specifically at our underlying expectations of how God works in our lives and our desire to surrender to God's will above our own.
For leading group discussion, consider beginning your time together talking about common misguided expectations people can have about how God works in the world and in people's lives.
A second leading conversation could be about all the different misguided expectations the crowd and the disciples may have had about Jesus as he entered Jerusalem.
To dig deeper into the sermon, talk about what Jesus' mission was, and how Christians can get involved in His mission.
You can also ask how Jesus' second coming relates to and differs from His first, and how that relates to our discussion about expectations.
To move to a deeper level, you can ask the group how the sermon personally impacted them.

Looking Ahead: Mark 10:32-45
This may be a repeat looking ahead for some. I will be preaching on the passage I was supposed to preach last SUNDAY but could not.
This is a passage that deserves to be read aloud to/by the group. Then ask,

"What do you see going on here?"
"What surprises you?
"What bothers you about this incident?
"What encourages you?

If you need more, you can ask, "From the study guide, which questions were of most interest to you and why?"
We will be partaking of communion next Sunday. In what ways, is this an appropriate passage for communion?