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Monday Memo - January 5

You may not be aware, but most weeks those who teach in the auditorium provide resources for you to maximize the impact of God's word. One resource is Looking Back and the other is Looking Ahead. One helps us reflect on and apply what we have heard, and the other enables us to prepare for what is coming the next week. They are both available online by selecting any week's sermon, then clicking on the Sermon Notes & Looking Ahead tab at the bottom. Many of our Community Groups take advantage of these to guide their process in the Ultimate Journey.

I happened to review this week's Looking Back this morning, and I was impressed by the quotes that appear related to yesterday's message.

If you feel that you have no need, then that is your need.

E. Stanley Jones

Brooks become crooked from taking the path of least resistance. So do people.

Harold Kohn

Voluntary brokenness is the willingness to yield everything to God.

Alan Nelson

Yesterday was a bit of a chaotic day with the power outage that led to the scrubbing of the 9:15 am service, and it being the last weekend before the new year "really begins." However, it was perhaps appropriate given the subject matter. You can also watch/listen to Sunday messages online by clicking here.

Perhaps the quotes above will peak your interest. They are worth your reflection. Perhaps a good focus for a Monday...and Tuesday.....and....

P.S. A reminder that if you were absent yesterday, an opportunity to give is available online if you choose to do so.

Grace and peace,

Tom Oyler
Lead Pastor   



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