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Monday Memo - January 7

Tomorrow at our staff meeting, I will be talking about:  The 9 Things We Simply Must Do.

Some of you know my affection for the book by Henry Cloud of that title. A few years ago, I decided it would be good to identify 9 things that are vital to being and becoming a great staff and to keep them before us on a regular basis. That is what we are doing tomorrow. One way to look at them is that if we fail substantively at any one of them, the name of Christ and health of GFC would be damaged. I thought you might like to see them. We are very aware of our stewardship before God and you. They might also be points of prayer as you think about our staff. You might even find something that applies your own life and/or work situation.

1.      We simply must lead lives of moral purity.

2.      We simply must be positive about the church, its leaders and its ministries.

3.      We simply must give an honest day’s work.

4.      We simply must practice fiscal responsibility and integrity in all church matters.

5.      We simply must support and respect those in authority over us. 

6.      We simply must conduct our own financial affairs as wise stewards, and support the church in our giving.                

7.      We simply must make every effort to maintain unity and healthy relationships.   

8.      We simply must be flexible and open to change.

9.      We simply must not forget how privileged we are to serve Christ and His church.

We have a wonderful staff team - the best we have ever had! I am proud of them and enjoy serving with them. At the beginning of this new year, we thank you, the congregation, for the privilege of serving along side of you, and for all you do to build up the body of Christ at GFC, including us! May God grant us a great and growing year together!

P.S.  Men - lets plan on being together on Saturday, February 2 for the No Regrets Conference! Check it out on line.    

Grace and peace, 

Tom Oyler
Lead Pastor   


Looking Back

"Observations"   Mark 12:41-44

Makes me wonder, does it you? What is Jesus observing in my heart and life? Yes, even, perhaps especially, in regard to money. This story or incident should result in deep reflection upon our heart - our thoughts, motives, and actions. May we take advantage of this “teachable moment.” It goes to the heart of who we are! 


The poorest man I know is the man who has nothing but money.     

              ~J.D. Rockefeller                                     

It was never loving that emptied a heart, nor giving that emptied a purse.

              ~H.A. Ironside

Examples are few of men ruined by giving.             

              ~Christian Bovee

God is more concerned about our generosity than about the impact of our generosity.           



1. What do you think Jesus is saying to you through this incident? 

2. Do you consider yourself rich or poor and why?

3. What do you consider to be your personal application of this message? (confession: repentance - changing my mind about how I see myself, money and God; entering into giving intentionally and with joy; changing the amount I give to more accurately reflect my love and gratitude to God, etc.)

Looking Ahead

"Advanced Notice (Part 1)"   Mark 13:1-13

Chapter 13 is the longest “speech” that Mark records Jesus giving. It all starts with a question from the disciple - v.4. It has to do with the future! “Behold, I have told you everything in advance,” Jesus said in v.23. How could that be? And who is this? No doubt, having some advance notice about the future has its advantages! But in all the ‘when’s’ and ‘how’s’, there are also dangers - and implications for today. This is the first in three studies in Mark 13. Be patient - and persistent.


1. What is the setting of this “speech”? (13:1-3) (Can you find out the geographical relationship of the Mount of Olives to the Temple, today the Temple Mount?)

2. What is the first thing out of Jesus’ mouth in response to their questions according to v.4?

    Why do you think He begins this way?

3. What are some of the ways we can be misled according to vs. 6-8?

4. Verse 9 is the second major command in the passage.  What is it and how might it differ from the first one in v.5?

5. Why do they/we need to be on guard as we await His coming? (Comb through vs. 9-13 for answers.)

6. How might the last part of v.13, whatever it means, provide strength and motivation for the follower of Jesus?


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