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building a community to reach a community

Monday Memo - March 18

Did you know that Mountain View Elementary School…

                -sees 750 students in a given year with only 450 kids at any one time?

                -experiences only 1 of 5 students who start and finish all 5 years?

                -has 25% of the students that have one or both parents incarcerated?

                -has had a significant rise of homeless students in the last few years?

You might want to read that list again…slowly.

We have a growing awareness of the depth of commitment that is needed to begin to see this community transformed over the next several years by good works and the good news of Christ. GFC has also embraced the reality that we need Mountain View as much as they may need us!

This summer is vital to the long journey we are taking WITH Mountain View.


OPERATION COOPERATION brings together three partnerships/projects in order go deeper with Mountain View.

Johnson City Schools

For many elementary age children in our city's summer school program, the school lunch is their main meal of the day. We are partnering with the Johnson City Schools to make sure these children have some nutritional food for the weekend through backpacks distributed each Friday. 

Second Harvest Food Bank                    

Second Harvest will help us distribute 40 pounds of food to under resourced families in the Mountain View Community once a week for 9 weeks. Each “box of food” is worth $40.   

Pine Cove Camp

The week of June 3-7 will be an action packed, fun-filled, gospel centered summer day camp, involving 75 elementary kids from GFC and 75 more from Mountain View. The day camp will be at GFC, delivered and directed by 30 trained leaders from Pine Cove Christian Camp who serve churches like ours which are reaching out to under resourced neighborhoods. Their Base Camp program comes to us with everything needed for a potential life altering experience. It will certainly be unforgettable!  The cost per GFCer will be $125 and the cost for a Mountain View child will be $25. The church, that’s us, will pay for all the remaining costs.

The total cost of OPERATION COOPERATION is $45,000. And it is not in our budget!

GFC leadership believes OC is best funded by over and above giving that is hands on and up close and personal. By giving to OPERATION COOPERATION, and if you desire, by serving in one of the projects, you can be a part of truly Building a Community to Reach a Community!

We will receive the offering/commitments for OPERATION COOPERATION this Sunday. I ask that you prayerfully consider what you can do to invest in the lives of these kids and families!

See you Sunday!      

Grace and peace, 

Tom Oyler
Lead Pastor   


Looking Back

"Forsaken"   Mark 15:33-41

How can we fathom what it was like to be Jesus? We can’t, it is unfathomable! Yet to enter into His passion through the Scripture not only evokes the transcendent mystery of the “death of God,” it also leaves us so very vulnerable at the core of who we are, and draws forth a response like nothing else can.


If the cross will not awaken love and   wonder in men’s hearts, nothing will.

                ~William Barclay

We are not saved by theories, but by fact, and what is the fact? Christ died for sinners. Well, then, He died for me.

                ~Arthur Stanton

While He came to preach the gospel, His chief object in coming was that there might be a gospel to be preached.

                ~R.W. Dale

Lord, we offer our prayers up for those who need this the most, and especially for those who think they need it the least.

                ~Emmaus Prayer


1.   In what ways does the passion of the Christ leave you feeling vulnerable?

2.   What are you prompted “to do or not do” as a result? Recall the three applications from the message.

Looking Ahead

"Honor"   Mark 15:42-47

Jesus dies a criminal’s death and therefore, according to Roman authority, deserves no dignified burial. The burial of Jesus is not an inconsequential detail. The burial forms the connection between the truth of his death and resurrection, and is historically included in the summation of the gospel - Jesus died, was buried, and rose again. Up to this point in the narrative of the Passion Week, Jesus has been horribly dishonored. However in his burial He is given honor by the most unlikely characters and they provide for us some important insights on how to honor Christ.


1.   How does the Sabbath relate to the timing of Jesus’ burial? (15:42 cf. Deut. 21:23)

2.   Why did Joseph of Arimathea need to “gather up courage”? (15:43, 46)

3.   How would you explain Pilate’s response to Joseph’s request to bury Jesus? (15:44-45)

4.   Reflect on the manner in which Joseph buries Jesus (15:45-46 cf. Isaiah 53:9). What do you think this communicates?

5.   What do you think is significant about including two women in the burial narrative? (15:40, 47)

6.   Why do you think including the burial of Jesus is important to the details of the passion of Christ?


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