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Monday Memo - March 24

                                               Thus while His death my sins display

                                                In all its blackest hue;

                                                Such is the mystery of grace,

                                                It seals my pardon too.                                                     

                                                                                    John Newton

Stunning. Humbling. Overwhelming. Incomprehensible. Riveting. Exhilarating. Motivating.

A song from my era says “Don’t stop thinkin’ about tomorrow!” Christians could sing, “Don’t stop thinkin’ about the cross!” Jesus said, “Remember ME.” The bread and cup. We partook together yesterday. Now it is Monday. While the moment has passed, let’s not let the memory go, too. We need the gospel everyday - all day!

As Mike Marion shared his story yesterday, it came to the surface again…there is no other way to face our brokenness and that of others, than to do so in light of “the mystery of grace.” (Read Newton’s lines again, and again, and again.)

Jesus may have been implying that every time we eat there is reminder of how much we need Him—and of what He as provided for us. Eat and drink. Receive and believe.

Have you been keeping up with Operation Cooperation? Check it out by clicking here. Soon you will have an opportunity to make Christ known to others through your giving to this major initiative of our church. Our estimated need is $50,000. It is money well spent—especially when we consider the alternatives! 

It is so good to be on the Ultimate Journey together.  Being changed by Christ and used by Christ. Are you beginning to understand why we chose the word ULTIMATE?

See you Sunday.

Grace and peace, 

Tom Oyler
Lead Pastor   



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