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Monday Memo - April 8

I didn’t eat it all!  He ate some too!  After telling the incredibly timely (and humbling!) “cake story” on Sunday, I discovered it when I got home. My son Rich, who was home for the weekend, had eaten his share also - with a fork, right out of the pan!  So not only would I not have eaten it if Leslie had not made it, but I did not eat as much as accused!  But I did EAT! (Genesis 3:12)

In case you are wondering what I am talking about, be sure to listen to last week’s message that introduced our new series Family Life in HD-Real Life. Real Hope. I didn’t realize HOW MUCH I have in common with Adam!

Our “family of origin” has a much larger effect upon us than we realize. Only the Last Adam, Christ Himself, can provide reconciliation and redemption from our fallen state. Let’s pray for God’s work among us as we take a close up look at our relationships in our family. By the way, you may have seen some of the “awkward family photos” floating around the lobby area. If you have your own and would like to add them to the gallery, please send them to Shea Smith or drop them off at the church for him.

I would also note that we have stocked our Resource Center with excellent books on personal growth and family related matters. Come by and take a look.

I am looking forward to this journey together. I hope you will consider inviting someone to join you for this very relevant subject!

Grace and peace, 

Tom Oyler
Lead Pastor   


Looking Back

"Family Life in HD: Real Life"   Genesis 3:9-19

Marriage and family is no tame project!  Without clarity regarding the DNA of the nature of humanity and our environment, we have no hope of dealing with real family life as we find it. Only by owning the nature of our problem can we appropriate the true solution - the gospel of Jesus Christ.


People say of marriage that it is boring, when what they mean to say is that it terrifies them.            

                     ~Michael Novak

You can tell when you are on the right track, it is usually uphill.


Adult problems are the result of childhood solutions.

                      ~Sandra Wilson

It is the nature of a human being to be imperfect.

                       ~Pia Mellody


1.     In what ways did the message feel like “real life” to you?

2.     Be on the lookout for these dynamics as they surface this week.

3.     In light of this reality, what needs to happen to us and in us in order for us to have reasonably healthy families?

Looking Ahead

"Real Hope"   Colossians 3:1-17

Is there any question that the more “real” relationships get, the harder they become?  When we reflect on the realities of our own sinfulness and the toxic results of the fall of man (Genesis 3), we are left longing for hope. Is it possible to move toward wholeness and life – in spite of the fact that our earthly relationships will always be lacking?


* Read Colossians 3:1-17. As you read, look for signs of hope in this passage. (There are plenty!)

* Re-read 3:1-4. These verses give the theological foundation for the whole passage. Make a list of the statements in these verses that are true of you as a believer in Jesus.

* Re-read the rest of the passage and add to your list every other statement you find that describes your new identity in Christ.

* Verses 12-15 beautifully show the connection between the core theology of this passage and its implication for our relationships. Is it likely you’ll be able to carry out the second half of vs. 12 (and following) without deeply believing the first part of verse 12?

* Take a few minutes to reflect on the list you made above. Ask yourself, “If I fully believed these things are true about me, how would it shape or change the way I relate to myself?  To others?”

* Will the truths in this passage fix your human relationships?  Why or why not?  How might you move toward others in love in light of these verses?


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