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Monday Memo - April 27

Joy Prom! Pure Joy! 1,000 guests and over 400 volunteers. What a night. Few things are so "right." Joy Prom leaves everyone, even God, I am sure, smiling! Thanks be to God for the heart He has given this congregation for people with special needs. If you missed yesterday, you will definitely want to click here to see the video on our weekly ACCESS ministry. The stories will rock your world and make you so glad to be a part of this church!

I think back to the days when our facilities would have eliminated or greatly hindered the vision for an event like this. I am so grateful to all of you who have and continue to give to GFC to make things like this possible. If you want to start giving to GFC, simply click here.

Speaking of great events and opportunity, there is one this week! In sync with our current series You Believe WHAT?, this weekend's Grace Equip Event is for you, your family and friends. Popular author and speaker Greg Koukl will be here. If you want to fine tune what you believe and why, gain confidence when you engage with others on matters of faith, and grow in your own sense of reverence for God's truth, then this is for you. Click here to sign up now. You can come to any portion of the event: Friday night, Saturday morning and/or afternoon. I look forward to being with you for this next step in our Ultimate Journey.

Grace and peace,

Tom Oyler
Lead Pastor   



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