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Monday Memo - June 2

What other faith has at its heart a writhing body, torn flesh, shameful desertion and disgrace, anguished desolation, and darkness that can be felt? What other faith has a God who so takes evil into himself that the day of the death of all deaths becomes the day that death died. (Os Guiness, Unspeakable, p. 149)

How do we miss that!? Perhaps it is too profound. Maybe it is too good to be true. Could be that grace is just HARD to grasp and accept. When we want to know why, it is necessary to find solid ground in the reality of Christ’s death and the power of His resurrection. It was great to see four folks go public with their faith through baptism yesterday, and congratulations to all of the graduates in the GFC family! If you missed yesterday’s message, I Have A Friend Who…Wants to Know Why, click here to watch or listen.

If you were here yesterday, you saw Josh Horton hosting our service. With Jason Lamb heading to Leesburg, Virginia to start a new church, we are very excited to have Josh now leading our student ministries as our Student Pastor. Josh has served as our Middle School Pastor for the past two school years and has done an outstanding job. In his new role, he will oversee all student ministries (7th-12th grades). We will continue to have separate middle school and high school environments under Josh’s leadership and are currently in the process of putting a team together to join Josh in serving and shaping students and parents across both age groups.

It’s Camp in the City this week! There are 180 kids screaming outside my door this morning! 115 are GFCers and 65 from MountainView and Rise Up! This is one of the major outreach experiences that is being significantly subsidized by your Operation Cooperation giving. We have also started our summer food distribution with the Johnson City Schools and Second Harvest in the Mountain View community. If you want to find out how you can participate, follow this link.

One final celebration. USA Today has done an article on Joy Proms throughout the country. GFC is one of those featured. Take a look at the online article here.

P.S. Our summer teaching series, TEXTING: Scripture Up Close and Personal, begins this Sunday. See you there!

Grace and peace, 

Tom Oyler

Lead Pastor   



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