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Monday Memo - June 3

June 3, 2013. Today’s date has been on our calendar, in our prayers, and the object of significant financial investment for months.  This morning begins our BASE CAMP. A mixture of rising1st-6th graders who attend GFC and those who attend Mountain View Elementary will swarm into our building here at Greenwood Drive in a little over an hour. Led by college students trained and equipped by Pine Cove Camp in Tyler, Texas, this fast paced, interactive and spiritually focused time is designed not only to give these children a memorable life experience, but to lead them to Christ, help them grasp and grow in their faith, and to make connections with one another. We also are looking for opportunities for families to interact and get to know one another. We estimate there will about 150 kids here, with around 50 coming from Mountain View. 

This experience is the result of years of cultivating relationships and serving the Mountain View school and community. We are trusting that what happens here this week will help launch further initiatives and create more opportunities as we continue our long term partnership with Mountain View.

I would like to thank your responsiveness to what the Spirit is doing among us regarding reaching our local community. Your generosity of time, money and prayer is very encouraging —and our community feels it!

Got to go. I want to greet some kids and attend staff prayer for this day—June 3, 2013. May it be a turning point for all of us wherever we are today!

See you Sunday!

Grace and peace, 

Tom Oyler
Lead Pastor   


Looking Back

"Smart Prayers: Right-Side Up"   Matthew 6:9-10

When Jesus prayed, things happened. Even a dead man was raised to life (see John 11:41-44). It’s no wonder His disciples asked Him to teach them to pray. His response was the model prayer we call “The Lord’s Prayer.” Even the first two sentences of this prayer teach us so much about how we should pray. If you’re looking to learn about “smart prayers,” there’s no better place to start.


I have so much to do that I shall spend the first three hours in prayer.

        ~ Martin Luther

I think the reason we sometimes have the false sense that God is so far away is because that is where we have put Him.  We have kept Him at a distance, and then when we are in need and call on Him in prayer, we wonder where He is. He is exactly where we left Him.

         ~ Ravi Zacharias

We have to pray with our eyes on God, not on the difficulties.  

         ~ Oswald Chambers


1.    When you pray how do you tend to picture God?  Near or distant?  Caring or uninvolved?  Gracious or impatient?

2.    Do you often pray for God to be glorified?  Why or why not?

3.    Think of one prayer request that is important to you and write out a “right-side up” prayer about it.

Looking Ahead

"Smart Prayers:  Less is More"   Proverbs 30:7-9

I can almost guarantee that you have never prayed this prayer. It feels unnatural, and even more so, un-American! Go ahead, read it. So what do you think? I think I might be afraid to pray this prayer. Why? Now that is a good question!


1.    What is Augur (see 30:1) trying to say to God in v.7?

2.    If 8a is the first of only two requests, what is your reaction to it?

3.    What does the presence of deception and lies in our lives do to us – and to others around us?

4.    How might the second request (8b-9) relate to the first?

5.    What does this request tell us about the power of money in our lives?

6.     What is Augur’s bottom line in his prayer?


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