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Monday Memo - June 9

Did you know that the Bible is not a book? Technically, the phrase, “The Bible says…” is not accurate. It is a collection of ancient manuscripts or texts - 66 to be exact, written by 40+ authors in three different languages over a period of 1500 years, on 3 different continents. The writers were from many walks of life, wrote in different states of mind and were from vastly varied environments such as palaces, deserts and prisons. They were, for the most part, people who did not know one another. No collaboration. Yet, it tells one cohesive story.

Some time ago, a representative of the Great Books of the Western World came to the door of someone who understood the true nature of the content of the Bible. The rep laid out his chart of all volumes of the Great Books of the Western World series. Then the homeowner put out this challenge. “What if you took just 10 authors, all from one walk of life, one generation, one time, one place, one language, and ask them to write on just one controversial topic. (There are hundreds of such topics in the texts contained in the Bible.) The question? Would the authors agree?  “No!” the rep responded after a brief pause. “It would be a chaotic conglomeration!” 

The Bible is not a book, it is a collection of texts that amazingly tell one consistent story. It is absolutely unique, yet remains unexplored by far too many.

That is why we are going TEXTING this summer! What if God wants to say something to you, more than to do something for you? Then we ought to listen, learn and respond to the “texts” contained in the Bible. Each week we are selecting a brief text and exposing ourselves to what it is like to have God say something to us. You can listen online when you miss a week, and there is a Looking Ahead and Looking Back Bible Study Guide available by clicking here. Hey, I heard one 14-year-old say yesterday’s service was FUN! Success.

REFRESH begins tonight around 6:00. Drop by for this radically different environment and experience with each other and with God’s Word!

P.S. The four-year-olds were given “gold” tokens yesterday as they talked about the “treasure” that the Bible is. When the offering boxes were emptied later, two of these gold coins were in the “lower level” box just outside the children’s area! They gave their “gold” to God! I am sure He is still smiling.

Grace and peace, 

Tom Oyler
Lead Pastor   



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