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Monday Memo - July 27

In his book, Mid-Course Correction, Gordon McDonald tells the story of the day he went to an airport-sized hardware store, found a cheap storage cabinet he needed, and preceded to check out. Then it hit him. No way would that cabinet fit in the back of his Subaru Outback! He remembered he had a luggage rack on the roof, but alas, no twine. He expressed his problem to an associate who took him to the large spool of twine at the front of the store, pointed out the scissors, and said, "Help yourself." Problem solved! He cut off the pieces he needed, put his cabinet on the flat cart and headed into the parking lot.

He wandered aimlessly, having forgotten where he had parked. Finally, after traveling nearly a hundred yards all over the parking lot, he found it. He looked down at the cart and discovered that the end of twine coming off the roll had gotten entangled with the wheel of the cart. The result was a long winding trail of twine between his car and the front door of the store. No one had said a word-in his words, "They had simply paused to watch me make a fool of myself!"

He decided to rewind the twine as he followed it back to the store, where he found two bewildered employees looking at their strangely diminished role of twine. On his way back to his car, he reflected on the trail of twine that had marked every step of his chaotic journey in search of his car. It was a visible map of a few inconsequential, exasperating moments in his life.

"But," he writes, "what if a twine-like map existed for the whole of one's life? What if we could retrace the footsteps of the years and examine all the critical thoughts and choices that had brought us to where we are? What might we learn? My bet is that we would get an education on mid-course corrections: good ones and not so good ones."

I thought of this story in light of Larry's message yesterday. WHAT IF...I AM WASTING MY LIFE? Are there really any "inconsequential" moments in our lives?

School is starting, routines return (sort of), and job responsibilities usually rise. What incredible opportunities to leave a trail of twine that will affect our ultimate destiny! Let's not wander aimlessly, forgetting why we are here! If you would like prayer for your journey as you reengage this fall, let us know here.

At GFC, new groups are forming; opportunities to improve "our serve" are plenty, and the Ultimate Journey remains our goal. Being changed by Christ and used by Christ. If you want to know more about groups or where you can serve, visit THE HUB this Sunday or email Donna Simmons.

P.S. Your special gift to GFC would be of great encouragement at this time as our summer giving is lagging. Click here.

Grace and Peace,

Tom Oyler
Lead Pastor   



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