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Monday Memo - August 4

I was out of town a good bit of last week, so I could not participate in ECHO until Saturday. I went to Mountain View, where Lawton and the majority of the Janeway family were busy putting together sand and water stations for the kindergarten playground. As soon as I saw all the nuts, bolts, screws and “directions” I knew I was in trouble. I have no small motor skills and I am impatient to a fault with “directions.” I hope I was of some help. As we were working, a couple of teachers were passing by getting their classrooms ready. They stopped and told us how grateful they were for what we were doing. Later that afternoon, I received this email.

            Dear Pastor Tom,

I am a teacher at Mountain View and my family has attended Grace for the past two years. I just wanted to send my heartfelt thanks for all that our church does to support Mountain View. Today, as I was working to prepare my room for a new group of first graders, I was humbled by the presence of leaders and church members putting together playground equipment in a hot, sticky hallway. Stopping by to say thanks seemed hardly enough! It is such a blessing to attend a church where ministering to "the least of these" is such a priority! I am so thankful that these values will be instilled in my own son's life because of the influence of such Godly people each Sunday!

Today may have seemed like a small way to help, but it was a huge blessing to me, and it will be a blessing to the children of our school next week! At Mountain View, we are often overlooked by the community, and because of our population, we often do our jobs without affirmation or thanks. I am so grateful for your leadership and for all that our church does for the precious Mountain View community!


Indeed, she is the one ministering through her vocation, and we are just glad and privileged to come along side. As school is back in session and jobs ramp up from the summer, please know that whatever you do, you can do it for the glory of God.

Thanks for making GFC the kind of place where parents can be excited about the influence their son is receiving just by hanging out with you!

There are many practical ways that you can help LOVE Mountain View this school year. Check out the opportunities by clicking here.

Grace and peace, 

Tom Oyler
Lead Pastor   



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