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Monday Memo - August 5

I recently heard Chuck Swindoll ask the question, “How do we measure the quality of our day?”  When we lay down on our pillow at night, after interacting with students all day in the classroom, making calls to clients, working on a construction project, attending meetings, problem solving, taking kids to practice, visiting someone in the hospital, or a host of other things, how do we evaluate our day?  Chuck’s answer was, “Have I been a good servant of Jesus Christ?”  I like that!  How it focuses our mind—and our heart. In the end, that will be all that matters when we meet Him face to face in heaven.

When we do things like adding services beginning this Sunday, we do it with the intent to be good servants of Jesus Christ. It isn’t about us. It is about Him and others who need Him. Thank you for joining God with us as we make more room to build a community in order to reach a community. I remember when Tim Bowers once emphasized to me the “in order to” part of our mission. It is not building and reaching, but building in order to reach. That always keeps stretching us and making sure that we never make it about just us and no more.

So here we go. This Sunday at 9:15, 11:00, and 12:30! Obviously 12:30 may be a stretch, yet we believe it can open up seats at the other times, and develop a life of its own. SO, I am asking good servants of Jesus Christ to join us at 12:30 for the first month or so to give that service a quick lift.  I understand.  It is literally not possible for some of you, but if it is, let’s give it our best shot!

It will be exciting to see what God does as we move into a new ministry year in September. Our new series is entitled STALLED? get moving again.  I am sure you have felt that you have been or are now. I know I have been there. The question is, how do we get going again?  Don’t miss a week.

When we hit the pillow tonight, let’s all ask ourselves, “Have I been a good servant to Jesus Christ?”  Of course we all fail in many ways, but there is no better way to live!

Grace and peace, 

Tom Oyler
Lead Pastor   


Looking Ahead

"Stalled? Get Moving Again: Slow Down to Speed Up"   Luke 10:38-42

There’s something so frustrating about being stuck. Nobody likes to sit in a stalled-out vehicle – after all, vehicles are designed to move! Most of us hate wasting time, but maybe our constant busy pace is a bigger problem than we think. Could it be that moving around all the time can (ironically) get us stuck?  Jesus seemed to think so – at least in the case of his good friend Martha. There is much for us to learn in our day from this short but powerful story.


1.  Read Luke 10:38-42. If this is a familiar story to you, try to hear it with fresh ears. Perhaps read it in a translation you don’t normally read from.
2.  Imagine being Mary in this story. How might you have felt when Jesus arrived at your house?  What would have been at the forefront of your mind?  What might it have been like to sit at Jesus’ feet and listen?  How might you have felt when your sister complained to Jesus about you?
3.  Now imagine being Martha. How might you have felt when Jesus arrived?  What might have been at the forefront your mind?  How might you have felt if you were left with all the work while your sister sat and visited?
4.  It is a little unusual that Jesus repeated Martha’s name in verse 41. Why might He have done that?

5.  What were the things Martha might have been worried and bothered about (vs. 41)?  Was she right to be concerned with those things?

6.  What did Jesus mean when He said Mary had “chosen the good part” (vs. 42)?
7.  Who do you most relate to in this story?  What can you do this week to begin to slow down and listen to Jesus?


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