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Monday Memo - August 5

I have been "laying low" recently, recovering from minor knee surgery. I hope my limping across the platform is a thing of the past! Walking a little slower is most always a good thing. You can think, pray, and refocus. You might want to try it. One author has said the key to walking with God is to "ruthlessly eliminate all hurry from your life."

One question that has landed on me lately is this, "How does God get us to walk slow so that our sufficiency comes fully from Him rather than ourselves?" Since we began our WHAT IF... summer series in June, I have been anticipating the last one. This Sunday we will explore the question, WHAT IF...I have a permanent disability? In case you are wondering, in one form or another, we all have one. Please make plans to gather together this Sunday... and if you want to look ahead, check out 2 Corinthians 12:1-10! The following week we launch a new series entitled Fighting for Your Life - The Invisible War.

When we slow down, we can also celebrate the good things in our lives. For GFCers, it is what we can do together for other people for Christ's sake that is sooo good! Take a look at this summer celebration video.

As we are now into August, please allow me make a request. If you benefit from the public ministry of God's Word at GFC, the care and creativity of our ministry to families, the friendship of a small group, or the recovery of re:generation, you want others to experience the same, and you are able, I am asking for your focused financial giving at this time. We have a need. Nearly $170,000. Our fiscal year ends August 31. Click here to give online. Thank you for investing in this ministry!

For walking slow,

Tom Oyler
Lead Pastor   



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