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Monday Memo - September 8

Love is spiritual warfare, writes Mike Mason. Yesterday in our short series on love, we reflected on 1 Corinthians 13 where we identified the inner battle against pride and ego that often prevents us from loving well. For many, this is the final frontier of spiritual growth. Over time a Christ-follower accumulates biblical knowledge and his behavior seems to straighten out. Externally things look good. However, on the inside there is pride, self-serving agendas and self-promoting impulses.

We run the danger of becoming like the religious people of Jesus' day whom he called "whitewashed tombs."

 are like whitewashed tombs which on the outside appear beautiful, but inside they are full of dead men's bones and all uncleanness.      - Matthew 23:27

Once we pull back the veil of pride far enough to own up to our heart's deficiency, we are in a good position to be motivated for change, for growth. Reforming ourselves through trying harder will not last. Imitating another's loving heart may help for a while, but only a fundamental transformation of our heart will result in the kind of love and life that honors God.

At our first GRACE EQUIP SATURDAY coming up September 20th, we will look more closely at the need for transformation in our Ultimate Journey as we explore the question - How can spiritual growth take place in my life? Understanding God's role and our role in personal spiritual growth is foundational to a transformed life.I hope you will consider coming. You can learn more and register online or this Sunday at our Grace Equip table in the lobby. Grace Equip Saturday is not limited to adults! There will be a unique Equipping experience for children involving fun outdoor activities, such as an obstacle course and scavenger hunt. This time is open to all children whose parents are in the class.

Mary and I will be joining Tom and Leslie in Dallas this weekend for the joy of their daughter Amanda's wedding. Love has a way of showing up in life-changing ways in our lives, doesn't it? For this reason alone it is worth the effort to pursue love well done!

Larry Nees
Equipping Pastor   



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