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Monday Memo - September 22

How sweet it is! Holding and playing with my 5 month old granddaughter Abbie and giving my daughter Amanda away in marriage to Ashton Hayse... it doesn't get any better than that! That is what we have been enjoying for several days in Dallas, but we and are glad to be home!

Yesterday, we began a new six week series called Connectivity: You and Your Church. This is one of my favorite subjects! By the way, did you notice the big white balls sitting around? Interesting. Check out the image for the series on the website!

Today I am asking your response to the question, "WHY BOTHER?"  That will be the subject this Sunday!  Why bother with the church?  I know you have a thought or two on that. Why do you bother?  Why do you not?  How about others?  Let's have a Twitter conversation!


I know many of you do "bother" about GFC. I thought that you ought to know that we are nearing the end of our second month into our new ministry year budget and we are over $80,000 behind in our regular giving. We don't necessary try to figure all that out, but we do believe in making our needs known when they become a concern. We have launched many new ministries this fall and over 250 new people are in the process of joining small groups! Be assured, we watch our spending very closely, and will make sure we don't get over extended. If you would like to give to your church, you can do so on Sunday morning or by clicking here.

The next five weeks could have significant impact on our church and community...and upon you and yours! Would you please pray for God to have His way with us?  Thanks.

Grace and peace,

Tom Oyler
Lead Pastor   



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