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Monday Memo - October 1

All right already, I know it is Wednesday, not Monday! Better late than never. This is AN IMPORTANT MONDAY MEMO. As you may have heard, Tim Bowers, our staff pastor had a stroke last Friday morning. He has a blood clot that is blocking 100% of his carotid artery. His speech has been affected by this event, but the prognosis is good. He remains at JCMC as medication and pain are being monitored. Finding relief from his constant headaches is a major prayer request right now. Therapy will of course be a part of his near future, and we are praying for him to be back with his family and us as soon as possible. All visitors are restricted for now due to the intensity of his recovery. On behalf of Cheryl and the family, thank you for your care and your prayers!

I would also like to introduce to you a new staff member that will be joining our team in October. His name is Matt Murphy from Tyler, Texas. He and his wife Katie have three children: Lilly, Asher, and Cohen. Matt will be our Family Life Pastor overseeing our children and youth ministries. He will also engage young families in the Ultimate Journey, as well as be a part of our teaching team.

We began discussions with Matt before we knew of Rob's departure for Nashville because we knew that Matt could bring a great deal of leadership to our church that we need. We are grateful for God's provision and I look forward to you getting to know Matt and his family.

I told you at the end of my message about my conversation with Tim in the hospital on Saturday. You may want to listen to it if you were not present for the service. I love Tim Bowers. He has been along side of me for 14 years! I know many of you love him, too. I hope you don't take for granted our wonderful staff and elder team. Love them well, these days especially!

Our love to all of you,

Tom Oyler
Lead Pastor   



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