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Monday Memo - November 3

Workplace violence is real. Last night I had a nurse who told me that they are constantly dealing with "lateral violence." That is the technical term that is used to describe emotional violence that goes on with co-workers.

Then I received the email below, used by permission.

Okay, have you been hiding in my closet? For the past several weeks, it seems like all the messages are tailored for me and have been exactly what I have needed based on my life.

In June, I left my position of 15 years to open a small business. I can't tell you the number of times that I have felt this was the biggest mistake of my life. The transition from the previous owner went horribly wrong and it has been rocky. I have asked myself if God is punishing me for something that I did and why this hasn't gone well. There have been times that I have prayed over and over "Jesus help me" because I was so crippled by fear, negativity, and everything else you can imagine that I could not pray.

On Friday, I overheard 3 of my employees talking about me. It was all because I forgot something, which was very insignificant, but it hurt. I have tried to be a good boss, always expressing my thanks, buying breakfast, giving small gifts of appreciation, buying lunch, etc. You said "If you see people talking negatively about you behind your back, don't be shocked, it is what it is." But I was shocked. This came from Christian employees... the ones that tell us what their preacher talked about on Sunday. And why were they talking about me when I really try to make them feel appreciated?

The war you spoke of is so real. The war within and otherwise. I have been asking, reflecting, and evaluating. I realize that I have not prayed as I should. I realize that I need to expect things. Heavens knows that I need to grow, and that this will be one of those things He uses. That is what I am holding to at least.

It is important to understand the "reality" that may belong to those with whom we lock eyes or sit next to in a worship service. It should not be a surprise!

My response ended with these words. I will remember you in my prayers. Stay strong and remember that you are "safe." Your soul is not at risk.

That is good news! Take it with you today!

Grace and peace,

Tom Oyler
Lead Pastor   



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