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Monday Memo - November 11

I know, it's Wednesday, not Monday. In fact, just so you know, we will be changing the name of the Monday Memo to The Pulse - The Heartbeat of GFC. And it will be coming out on Wednesdays rather than Mondays! So keep a sharp eye.

Today is Veterans Day. 11/11/15. The more I mature, the more I learn about sacrifice. I recently heard a Navy Seal say that the key to strength development is the willingness to become uncomfortable. Not only were our veterans willing to become uncomfortable for us, they essentially said, "If need be, I will die for you."

There are many at GFC who are veterans, or have a veteran in their family. On behalf of the rest of us, please accept our gratitude for your sacrifice, most of which we cannot understand. Thank you... and we salute you.

Of course, sacrifice is at the core of our faith. It uniquely defines Christianity. No other religion is defined by the humble, loving, obedient sacrifice of its founder. Jesus died for US! For you. Such grace. So much gratitude is due.

May this Wednesday be a day of thoughtful reflection upon the sacrifices made by others on our behalf. Looking for opportunities to pay it forward might be a good thing, too.

Grace and peace,

Tom Oyler
Lead Pastor   


P.S. We are seeking to honor Tim Bowers for his years of service to us at GFC through a generous gift. Click here to make your contribution, then select the Tim Bowers button.


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