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Monday Memo - November 17

I am very excited about the journey that lies before us over the next few months as we get inside the story of David... a story of humanity in pursuit of God, and visa versa. We got off to a great start last Sunday as the reality of Necessary Endings and New Beginnings was before us. They are a never-ending part of our lives and must be navigated well. If you missed it, click here.

We are wrapping up our Grace Membership classes this week. Nearly 40 people are tracking through the process and are enthusiastic about the journey that lies ahead! Our major purpose is to connect people to the Ultimate Journey… being changed by Christ and used by Christ… in the context of the local church. One of the exciting developments is the availability of what we call THE TOOL BOX. It is a source of quick and relevant resources to help you and for you to help others on the Ultimate Journey. You can find the complete TOOL BOX on our website. I strongly recommend you take advantage of it. The TOOL BOX was created by Larry Nees, our equipping pastor. Thanks Larry!

I was made aware of a “training” meeting this past Sunday for 40 of our middle school and high school students who are serving our children on Sunday morning! That is fantastic! Great job.

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday as we talk about BREAKING BAD!

Tom Oyler
Lead Pastor   



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