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The Pulse - March 29

LET'S PLAY BALL! It is that time of year and last night was kick-off for KICKBALL at Mountain! Kickball is sponsored at MV in the fall and spring as an opportunity to connect MV families with each other and to GFCers. Here are some of the highlights:

  • 110 kids playing
  • 16 coaches - 5 of which are MV parents or grandparents, the rest are GFC volunteers
  • 26 pizzas, 150 bags of chips, and 140 fruit snacks served
  • Community groups are volunteering on Thursday nights to serve food
  • "Why does Grace do this??" was a question asked and answered last night

Let's pray for more opportunities to show and tell the love of Christ. Thanks to those who are serving and to all of you who give to GFC to make this outreach possible! For more information, contact Amanda Brown.

Easter is coming soon... and we will be talking about THE ONE WHO RAISES THE DEAD. Following Easter, we are planning a series called THE AFTERLIFE. These will be great opportunities to invite our friends, family, neighbors, etc. Watch for more details soon... and as you do, pray that God will use us all!

Yours for The Ultimate Journey,

Tom Oyler 
Lead Pastor

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