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building a community to reach a community

The Pulse - April 11 that we would not trust in ourselves,
but in God who raises the dead.
                                 - 2 Corinthians 1:9

How is that for focus? Read it again. What a difference does the God who raises the dead have in your life? That will be the focus of our Easter services this weekend. We have four services: Saturday at 6pm and Sunday at 8am, 9:15am, and 11am.

Here are some ways you can participate in helping people come to know this God:

Pray for the reach of the services this Friday evening by walking among the seats in the auditorium. Meet in the lobby at 6:15pm.

Invite friends, family, or coworkers to a service.

Extend hospitality to the people you encounter at the service you attend. Be a good host!

Volunteer to serve with Grace Kids during one of the services. Contact Jennifer Daniel ASAP.

I would also like to make you aware of an important date coming up for our friend and brother, Benjamin Kisoni. Benjamin is from the war-torn country of the Republic of the Congo. He was forced to leave his country eight years ago after his brother was murdered. He made his way to GFC and has been a vital part of our church family and an inspiration to us all.

After years of legal maneuvering, Benjamin has a court date on Monday, May 1, which will decide his long-term immigration status. Please pray for the judge and for Benjamin, as this will be a final decision resulting in deportation or staying in America!

Let us not trust in ourselves, but in God who raises the dead.

Grace and peace,

Tom Oyler 
Lead Pastor

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