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Story of Grace: Wendy's Story

Everyone has a story! As you listen to mine, remember that God said, “All things work together for good…” (Rom. 8:28). It began at the age of five with abuse. That ended, and the next part of my story was at eleven years old with the death of my 40 year old Daddy! Those two very significant events left a trail of destruction in my life. I didn’t know what love was, but I knew I wanted it! Well on July 4, 1982, I found it, or I should say it found me. That was the day I accepted Christ as my Savior at almost 18 years old. All Things... I was overwhelmed by the peace, comfort and love that I felt. It was nothing like I had ever experienced, but it wasn’t long before the pain, guilt, rejection and shame returned. The few times I opened my heart up to anyone the normal response was “you need to be in His Word, study the Bible!” So, what does that mean exactly? Where do I start? I’d read a chapter, but often, I didn’t really understand what it meant.

At 22, I married an amazing man. Now I would be loved and all the junk would be left at the altar! Unfortunately, that is not how it happened. But as far as studying God’s Word, I simply counted on him and my Pastor to teach me what I needed to know. That was just a quick flash through my life! Steve and I were told we would most likely not have children. We tried for seven years before my brother said to me, “Wendy, do you want to have a baby, or do you want to be a Mommy?” We began adoption proceedings! All Things… We were matched up with a woman, followed her pregnancy, and knew all about our son… but we never met him! Two days after he was born, she changed her mind. Five months later, we met the son God intended us to have! All Things.

When he was 9 months old, I had everything I’d ever dreamed of, but I was diagnosed with Major Depression. How could I be depressed when I was so happy? “Chemical reactions in your brain” was his answer. When Andrew was about two, I began having migraines – not every now and then – they came 2, 3, 4 times a month. We were blessed with a little girl before we left FL and moved here in 2001. Steve’s brother was on staff at Grace Fellowship and so we began attending. A third precious little boy came to us through the foster care system. In 2005, and again in 2010, I went into a deep depression where each time, it nearly took my life!

Skipping ahead to some good stuff, after I recovered from the depression in 2010, I was introduced to the inductive way to study your Bible… Kay Arthur’s Precept Upon Precept. All Things… After the first study I thought how I wished I had known about this when I first began following Christ and my passion to teach Inductive Study was born. Since then I have taught numerous studies and love the joy I see and hear from the participants… they are equipped!

Loving Like Christ in a World that Hurts and Hates, is an inductive study in 3-parts so it doesn’t matter if you’ve never done this kind of study or if you are an old pro… you will be satisfied! I hope you can join us and begin your journey of discovering Truth for yourself.

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Wendy McAuley

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